Friday, August 21, 2015

Tonic Studios Fairy Release Preorder

Hello wonderful customers.  Hope you are all well.  Today is a lovely fairy release for preorder.   You will like some of these even if you don't care for fairies....

Please email all preorders to Darlene at

1001e  Fairy Lily Die $10.75

Love how they clipped the wings and made her a dancer!
Also those stars are the star trail die....clever......

1002e Fairy Rhoslyn Die $10.75

1004e Fairy Breena Die $10.75
(sorry she is sideways....)

1005e Luna Die $10.75
I am thinking this is a cool Halloween die too!

1006e Fairy Door Die $10.75

1007e Stair Trail Die  $6.75

1008e Fairy Wand Die $6.75
(perfect for any little princess in your life)

See the wand used as a border?  Clever.....

1009e Fae Ella Die $6.75

This is a great combo of dies.

1010e Bluebell Butterfly Die $6.75

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