Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tonic Studios Keepsake Dies

Here are some really fun Tonic studios Keepsake dies.  I will give little thoughts along the release to help you understand the dies.  The keepsake Dies are all made so the inserts can be exchanged.  I love this concept!

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622e Square Cracker Keepsake Box Die $32.25
There is a video showing how to use this die on Dutchpapercrafts2
Please note that you can decorate this box with the Indulgence Keepsake Insert Dies
I love the shape of this box!

623e Tent Gift Bag Die Set $32.25
There is also an instructional video for this die as well on Dutchpapercrafts2

Tonic Tent Gift Bag die

Tonic Tent Gift Bag

624e Balloon Weight Keepsake Die Box Die $32.25
You can see how to create this box on Dutchpapercrafts2
These would make lovely lantern boxes too!

Balloon Weight box made by Rosietoes at Bloglovin.

Tonic Studios Balloon Weight Box

625e Multi-Sided Lantern Box Die Set $32.25
Click HERE to learn to make a Four Sided Lantern Box
Click HERE to learn how to make a five sided Lantern Box
I love getting those battery tea lights and making lanterns.  They make great gifts too!
Of course you can see this makes a great box as well.

dutchess: Lantern boxes.....Tonic

Like the cameo?  Tonic sells those as well and we can order them for you!

626e Floral Frame with Spring Insert Die Set $17.25

Not Christmas but the inside can be exchanged with all the other keepsake dies OR you can put the other inserts in this frame to make a lovely card!

629e Christmas Inserts Keepsake Dies Set 1  $26.75
Can mix and match with all the Keepsake Dies.

630e Christmas Inserts Keepsake Die Set 2  $26.75
Again, more inserts for he keepsake line.

633e Regal Frame and Lovebird Insert Set $17.25
Again the keepsake line can mix and match with each other.

Another day, another card

Tonic Set of 2 Indulgence Keepsakes Frame and Insert Dies - Swirl, Love and Regal, Lovebird

634e Swirly Frame With Love Insert Keepsake Die Set $17.25
Simple but elegant frame.

636e Fanciful Flutter Keepsake Die Set $17.25
This is such a different frame.  Gorgeous for cards, I think.

637e Dragonfly Delight Keepsake Frame and Insert Die Set $17.25
Love this one!

639e Royal Frame and Butterfly Keepsake Die Set $17.25
sweet butterflies

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