Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tonic Studios Preview Release

Hello friends.   On September 26th, these brand spankin new dies from Tonic Studios will be released in the USA.   We are taking your orders now for them and our supplier promises to ship them to us On Sept 26th!  This is such a great release for the holidays.  You can bring wine and chocolates in homemade boxes with a homemade tag to boot!  How crafty is that?  Also, you can gift wrap those new trendy infused balsamic vinegars and oils!  Lots of potential here.  How do you see these dies being used?
Email all pre orders to Darlene at

1063e Diamond Favor Squeeze Box Die Set $35.50
Notice there are 2 different types of inserts AND two different types of edges.

1 die set can make the following 6 different boxes!:

1064e Bottle Wrap Die Set $35.50
(Such a unique way to wrap a bottle!)

1066e Christmas Cheer Die Set  $24.25
(Inserts for your bottle wrap die set)

1068e My Gift to you Tag/Base Die Set $10.75

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