Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Frantic Stamper PreOrder

Hello friends.  Is everyone ready for Halloween?  We cannot wait to see the trick or treaters in their adorable costumes. 
Today we are taking orders for Frantic Stampers dies.  Please email all preorders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

FRA9663  Autumn in Wildwoods Die $24.00

FRA9664 Checkerboard Card Die $7.50

FRA9665 Lattice Card Band Die $11.25

FRA9666 Diamond Card Band and Chevron Dies $11.00

FRA9667 Tied Strings Die $9.25

FRA9668 Snow Globe Die Set $20.50

FRA9669 Snow Globe Church Die $5.75

FRA9670 Snow Globe Fancy Deer Die $4.75

FRA9671 Snow Globe Snowman Die $5.75

FRA9672 Snow Globe Triangle Trees Dies $5.75

FRA9673 Small Snow Globe Die $6.50

FRA9674 Large Church Die $16.25

FRA9675 Large Fancy Deer Die $8.25

FRA9676 Deer Bust Die $6.50

FRA9677 Menorah Die Set $6.50

FRA9678 Ballerina Die $5.75

FRA9679 Grandfather Clock Die $8.25

FRA9680 Toy Soldier Die $4.75

FRA9681 Baby Zebra Die Set $8.25

FRA9682 Baby Hippo Die $10.00

FRA9683 Baby Tiger Die $8.25

FRA9684 Baby Elephant Die $7.50

FRA9685 Baby Monkey Die Set $8.25

FRA9686 Baby Turtle Die Set $12.75

FRA9687 Teddy Bear Die $9.25

FRA9688 Baby Die Set $9.25

FRA9689 Petite Hands and Feet Die $15.25

FRA9690 Baby Clothes Icon Dies $9.25

FRA9691 Baby Bottle Die $5.75

FRA9692 Round Vignette Boy Insert Die  $4.75

FRA9693 Round Vignette Girl Insert Die $4.75

FRA9694 Square Vignette Baby Insert Die $4.75

FRA9695 Square Vignette Rocking Horse Insert Die $4.75

FRA9696 Children Silhouette Dies $9.25

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  1. What is the size of the snow globe set? Edna Burgess