Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sue Wilson Christmas PreOrder

Hello friends.  Well this is our third annual Sue Wilson Holiday release.  Sue just keeps making more and more beautiful things.  There is something here for everyone, I am sure.  Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

CED3047 - 2016 Christmas Angel Die  $14.25

CED3048 Poinsettia Corner, Border and Tag Die Set $20.25

CED3049 Poinsettia Mini Background Die Set $20.25

CED3050 Poinsettia Filigree Frame Die Set $15.50

CED3051 Poinsettia Additions Die Set $18.00

CED3052 Christmas Rose Die Set $15.50

CED3053 Berry Sprig Die Set $8.75

CED3054 Pine Twig Die Set $8.75

CED3055 Rustic Twig Wreath Die $7.50

CED3056 Swirling Stars Die $12.25

CED3057 Aurora Star Die $14.75

CED3058 The Nativity Die $12.00

CED3059 Illuminated Angel Mini Striplet Die Set  $12.00

CED3060 Bright Star Adornment Die Set $10.00

CED3061 Christmas Tree Adornment Die $8.75

CED3062 Poinsettia And Holly Gemini Die Set $18.00

CED3063 Snowflake Gemini Die Set $18.00

CED3064 Merry Christmas Trim Die $7.50

CED3065 Contemporary Happy Christmas Die $7.50

CED3066 Contemporary Christmas Blessings Die Set $8.75

CED3067 Warmest Wishes Die $7.50

CED3068 Greetings Of The Season Die $7.50

CED3069 Lavish Joy Die $7.50

CED3070 Triple Merry Christmas Die $12.25

CED3071 Christmas Shadow Box Die Set $21.50

CED3072 Holly Octagonal Frame Die Set $15.50

CED3073 Ornate Holly Framed Noel Die Set $26.00

CED3074 Ornate Holly Framed Peace Die Set $17.25

CED3075 Holly Branch Die $10.75

CED3076 Bold Snowflake Flurry Die Set $14.25

CED3077 Bold Snowflake Frame Die Set $15.50

CED3078 Snowflake Filigree Frame Die Set $14.25

CED3079 Snow Globe Die Set $17.25

CED3080 Cottage Snow Globe Scene Die $10.75

CED3081 Snowman Snow Globe Scene Die Set $10.75

CED3082 Joy Snow Globe Scene Die Set $10.75

CED3083 Christmas Cottage Scenes Die Set $20.25

CED3084 Starry Night Sky Die $19.25

CED3085 Stocking Gift Card Holder Die Set $18.00

CED7104 Ray Of Light Die $24.00

CEC771 Holly Jolly Sentiments Stamp Set $16.00

CEC772 Santa's Sentiments Stamp Set $16.00

CEC773 Snow Globe Sentiments Stamp Set  $16.00

UMS723 Winter Forest Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinates with CED3050

UMS724 Snowflake Scrolls Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinates with CED3050

UMS725 Christmas Cheer Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinates with CED3050

UMS726 Filigree Poinsettia Additions Stamp Set $7.50
Co-ordinates with CED3051

UMS727 Shaded Poinsettia Stamp Set  $7.50
Co-ordinates With CED3051

UMS728 Christmas Rose Stamp Set $8.75
Co-ordinates with CED3052

UMS729 Christmas Motifs Stamp Set $7.50
Co-ordinates with CED3073

UMS730 Holly Berry Frame Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinates With CED3073

UMS731 Yuletide Radiance Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinates With CED3077

UMS732 Eastern Star Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinated With CED3077

UMS733 Midwinters Eve Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinated With CED3077

UMS734 Cozy Cottage Stamp $6.25
Co-ordinated With CED3078

UMS735 Gingerbread Buttons Stamp  $6.25
Co-ordinates With CED3078

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