Friday, July 29, 2016

Elizabeth Crafts PreOrder

Hello friends.   We are now taking preorders for the following Elizabeth Crafts items which are scheduled to be released the first week in August.   Please feel free to order any other Elizabeth Crafts items you would like and we will place them with this order.  Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

1200 Halloween Charms Die Set  $8.25
this set will make a flat jack-o-lantern charm (or pumpkin) and an expanding 3D ghost. Charms will fit the Hanging Charm Pull Tab set (Die 1104 if you want us to order you one)

1201 Halloween Scene Die Set  $14.00

1202 Iron Fence Pop-Up Die Set $18.00
this fence can be used flat or animated with the included slider arm and sleeve to arch up as the card opens. Lots of possibilities here for garden scenes, too, so it will be great beyond Halloween.

1203 Midnight The Bat Die Set $11.50
the latest Character die comes with a little sidekick. The small bat die will cut out the stamped version of Midnight from the Halloween Clear Stamps.

1204 Props 9 Die Set   $7.50
dress up your Character dies in this fun witch costume OR use it on its own

1205 Flower Pot Pop Up Stand Die Set $18.00
makes a very cool pop-up flower pot that can be filled with the included flowers, butterfly and leaves, but also filled with anything else. You can also use this die as a stand-alone box card if you prefer. Now Karen Burniston doesn't like to brag . . . so she let the design team do it!  Here are some of their comments when they got their first sneak peek of this die in action:
  • So so so SO cool!! I'm madly in love with this!!
  • Omg omg omg!!!!!! Love love love!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍
  • OMGoodness. Really? Really? I'm actually glad you can't see it but I'm doing a HAPPY DANCE. WOWSA!!!!!!!
  • This is AMAZING!!!!! Completely jaw dropping amazing!

1206 Anita Frames Pop Up Die Set $20.25
this die is named after Anita Izendoorn, who has begged Karen for two years now to re-release the Floating Frames die, which was a popular one from her early Sizzix days. She redesigned it with bigger labels and made it a Pop it Ups die so you can choose your own card size. It also comes with decorator dies, including a crown, 3 labels, one of which will cut out the Happy Birthday stamp perfectly, 2 banner dies that will also cut out the banner stamps, and an oval that will cut out the 31 stamp from the Halloween collection. This is going to be a fabulous generic pop-up for any theme.

1207 Twist Circle Pop Up Die Set $18.00
since Karen was revisiting some of her early artwork for Sizzix, she decided to update and release a much better version of the original Spinning Platform die. The Twist Circle has alignment nubs so you cut it right into any size card. The circles are included for decorating with any theme. It comes with the "hi" circle, too. Another great generic die with a fun mechanism. The circle twists up and down as the card is opened and closed.

1208 Labels and Circles Die Set $10.75
this is a decorator die with labels and circles to coordinate with the Anita Frames and Twist Circle die set.

1209 Sports Charms Die Set $8.25

1210 Holiday Charms Die Set $8.25
these also double as props without their hang holes. They will work wonderfully in the Pop-up Sleigh die from last year's Merry & Bright collection.

CS020 Halloween Clear Stamp Set $4.25
this small 3" x 4" stamp set has lots of all-purpose greetings to coordinate with the collection. Optionally cut out the bat using the die from #1203 Midnight the Bat. Optionally cut out the oval 31 stamp using the oval die from #1206 Anita Frames (Occasions Collection)

CS021 Holiday Clear Stamp Set  $4.25

CS022 Occasions Clear Stamp Set $4.25

1211 Build A Father Christmas Die Set $14.00

S013 Bats Stencil  $4.25
need to make a quick background for a Halloween card? This all-over pattern stencil is perfect.

S014 Candy Corn Layering Stencil $4.25
Karen is really proud of this one! Instead of a 2-part layering stencil it's actually a 3 or 4) part. If you're working on white cardstock you do not need to ink the white tips of the corn (3rd column), but I did put them on the stencil in case you're working on colored cardstock. Start with the left-most column to start the double row candy corn border by sponging the base of the corn in either yellow or brown. Slide the stencil to the left and use orange for the center. Assuming the paper is white, skip the third column and go to the 4th, which is the shadows that make the corn appear to float off the page. Sponge the shadows with gray. This stencil can also be used as an all-over confetti pattern. 

1212 Build A Witch Die Set   $14.00

1214 Critters 6 Die Set $16.25

1215 Farm Accessories 1 Die Set $9.25

1216 Kentucky 3-Rail Horse Fence Die $9.25

1217 Olde Covered Bridge Die $8.25

1213 Country Sleigh Die $8.25

S016 Earth and Sky Stencil  $4.25

1218 Amaryllis Die Set $10.00

1219 Aster Die Set  $8.25

1220 Canning Jar and Lid Die Set $9.25

1221 Evergreen Wreath Die Set $16.25

1222 Birds 1 Die Set $8.25

1223 Marigold Die Set $9.25

1224 Mistletoe Die Set  $13.25

1225 Potted Die Set $8.25

1226 Small Poinsettia Die Set  $8.25

S018 Mountain and Split Rail Fence Stencil  $4.25

S019 Shade Trees Stencil  $4.25

S020 Snowstorm and Mounds Stencil  $4.25

S015 Stripes and Plaid Stencil  $4.25
makes a great diagonal stripe, either single color or multiple, but you can also flip the stencil over and add the stripes in the opposite direction to make plaids. Clean the stencil and start again in another color to make multi-color plaids.

S017 Evergreen Grove Stencil  $4.25

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