Sunday, July 10, 2016

Groovi Borders!

Ok, our supplier is running out of these items!  Yikes that was quick but I am not surprised as the system is pretty awesome.  So please be patient with us.  I put an order in Friday night, and those orders were processed.  I have emails out to our supplier but no answers yet on how quickly it will take to get these items back in.  Patricia is calling in the morning as well.
There are some questions, so let me post the responses here for everyone. 
The sizes of the plates are as follows:

The A5 are 5.75" x 5.75"
The A6 are 4.10" x 4.10"
The borders are 2.30" x 11.60"
Yes you can use any existing Pergamano tools you have with the Groovi system.  Just make sure you get a plate mate that matches the plate size you order.
We have access to the full line of Pergamano supplies.  So if you see something you want, drop us a line and we will get it for you.
We will take Groovi orders anytime.  Like most of our products, there is no deadline. 

Here is the next video for the Groovi product (I am going in order they posted them):  Please note that the borders now have a Plate Mate that wasn't available when the video was made.

Please email all preorders to Darlene at

GRO40348  Plate Mate Borders - Art Deco Alphabet  $20.25
(Note that this one holds the border plates.  It is the Plate Mate for the border plates)

GRO40003  Groovi Borders 1 Plate $8.75

GRO40010  Groovi Borders 2 Plate  $8.75

GRO40028 Calendar (Months of Year) Plate  $8.75

GRO40029  Relatives Names Plate $8.75

GRO40044  Lace 1 Plate $8.75

GRO40045  Lace 2 Plate $8.75

GRO40096  Wedding Line Sentiment Plate $8.75

GRO40103  Just to Say Line Sentiment Plate $8.75

GRO40104  Messages Line Sentiment Plate $8.75

GRO40105  Best Wishes Line Sentiment Plate $8.75

GRO40117  Lilies Art Nouveau Plate $8.75

GRO40118  Poppies Art Nouveau Plate $8.75

GRO40126  Groovi Lace Corners Plate $8.75

GRO40350 Grid Piercing Border - Straight Design 1 Plate $12.00

 GRO40354  Grid Piercing Border - Diagonal Design 1 Plate $12.00

Here are some lovely samples made with the Border Plates:

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