Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Marianne Video

Our good friend Petra saw our last release HERE and she said we have to show you this video as it does a great job showing how to use CR1374  Box Card Die Set.   All I know is after I watched this video, I am going to order one for myself.   Don't say I didn't warn you!

If you want to preorder one email Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com


  1. Hi Pat and Darlene,
    This is such a great Die, i am glad that i could help you this way!
    Hugs, Petra. xxx

  2. Petra, Petra, Petra, I see the "Evil Temptresses" have lured you to the dark side. No you help them in their attempt to sell me more dies......Beautiful card, but now I have to place an order ...

  3. Hi WillnnAbel,
    Hahahaha yes the Eval Temptresses did her work....she lured me in first and said i had to help Pat and Darlene :-)
    Great that you have to place an order know, so i that my job very good :-)But you are worned, this Die is so great, you can not leave it alone!! Have fun!! And to speak with Darlene....Go craft something!! :-)
    Hugs, Petra. xxxx