Saturday, July 9, 2016

More Groovi Items to Pre Order and Another Video

Hello friends.  I want to first point out that on the last release of Groovi items, I had the incorrect price on the Groovi Plate Mate      (Item #GRO40002).  The correct price is $12.00.  Sorry about that.   Today we are showing A6 plates.  Now as far as Patricia and I can tell, you still use your Groovi Plate Mate with these smaller plates BUT you need GRO40133, the Groovi Inset Numbers plate. The Groovi Insert Numbers Plate has a border plate adapter that allows the smaller plate (A6) to fit into the Groovi Plate Mate.  We will be offering the Groovi items in several more listings.  We still have some more A6 plates to offer, and the border plates and some accessories.  Our supplier told us there is still more items coming to them as well.  Several of you have asked if we will be selling the Groovi items all the time.  The answer is YES!  As long as our supplier keeps getting them in then we will still offer all the items for sale.  This way you don't have to order everything at once.  We pretty much offer all our items at all times except for Memory Box and Poppy Stamps-they are the only ones we have a deadline with.
Patricia and I are searching for a video that shows how to shade parchment craft but so far we have not found one.  If any of you know of one, please let us know.
Today's video is the next one in the Groovi series.

Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

 GRO40133 Groovi Inset Numbers Plate $8.75
(Remember you need this one to make all the A6 plates fit in the Groovi Plate Mate)

 GRO40172  Small Nested Squares A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40225  Hand Drawn Alphabet Upper Case A6 Plate  $5.50

 GRO40226  Hand Drawn Alphabet Lower Case A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40227  Hand Drawn Numbers Case A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40296   Twas The Night 1 A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40297  Twas The Night 2 A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40298  Twas The Night 3 A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40300   Twas The Night 5 A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40302   The Night 7 A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40301   Twas The Night 6 A6 Plate  $5.50

 GRO40303  Twas The Night 8 A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40304  Twas The Night 9 A6 Plate  $5.50

GRO40305   Twas The Night 10 A6 Plate  $5.50

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  1. I am not quite understanding these folders. Do you have to have a special machine or something. Can you use the cuddle bug or the big shot.I am having a hard time trying to find out more information.