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New Items to Pre Order

Hello to all our customers.   Hope you are all well and crafting.
I know these will sell out quickly so I am offering them for preorder now.  It's a little bit of different items.....
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TTLMAG32  Tattered Lace Magazine #32 (Includes FREE Die Set PLUS CD ROM)  $20.00
If you have never tried the tattered lace Charisma line, now is the time.  These florals remind me so much of Anna Griffin's style (one of my favs!)
Tattered Lace Magazine #32---Includes FREE Die Set (Sweet Poppy Charisma), Plus CD ROM and FREE Patterned Papers Welcome to this fabulous issue! Not only do you get a FREE die---you actually get three FREE dies and a CD ROM--Yippee! Your free gift this issue is the Charisma Sweet Poppy die set and CD ROM. If you have never been introduced to the Charisma Collection, let me explain. Charisma dies are designed to work with printouts from a CD ROM. The CDs consist of image sheets in lots of different tones, in this case the Sweet Poppy. All you have to do is choose the image sheet, print it out and use the matching dies to cut out the image. No scissors, no tiny pieces to wrestle with. Perfect if you love your decoupage, and you can print out and cut as many times as you like. What a great freebie! There are six lovely projects to inspire you, but I'm sure you will have so many ways to use this great gift! The rest of the magazine is a pot-pourri of something for the guys, something for the handbag fans, something for the dancers and lots left for all those generic cards and projects that we love to make. I have to say that the Salsa Couple projects really are very special. Those cards are full of sassiness! I do love handbags, probably far too much, so I am particularly taken by the template this issue. I think these make the best gift bags ever and don't forget to make the "charm". The Floral Craft a Card projects show you just how versatile this die set is, perfect for those easy cards. I am also loving the Inverse Flourish Willow die and embossing folder set, a mutli-talented die if I ever saw one!

PLX1  Parchment Lace Magazine - Christmas Special 2016  $16.25
Includes FREE Grid-Florentine Bells and 12 FREE Backing and Parchment Papers!
It's Christmas! Well, in the crafting world it is anyway!
We are excited to introduce you to our first ever Christmas issue of the Parchment Lace Magazine! We really do have a treat for you with 32 pages of step by step projects to help you create that perfect Christmas gift this year!
Our free grid with this issue is a stunning Bell design. We love this design as it can be used for so many occasions, not just Christmas. This grid has been designed to give you many intricate patterns that will work on so many projects, giving a timeless professional finish. We hope you love it as much as we do!  You'll find more ideas on the inspiration pages for your free grid and our fabulous complimentary backing and parchment papers.
Our guest designer this issue is the incredible Kannikar Sukseree. Kannikar is a popular designer and author, you may have even worked on some of her designs before!
Christmas Roses & Holly
Tea Light Holder
Vintage Christmas Card
The Nativity
Merry Christmas Baubles
Merry Christmas
Christmas Present
Winter Snowmen
Free Grid & Parchment
Complimentary Backing & Parchment Papers
Free Grid & Parchment Inspiration
Christmas Tree Card
Merry Kissmass
Snowflake Bauble
A Star for Christmas
O' Christmas Tree
The Nutcracker
Christmas Ornament
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Free Grid & Parchment Inspiration

GRO40371  Groovi Plate - Box Template - Christmas  $17.25
Plate measures: 8.27" x 11.69"
Each box face measures 2.56" x 2.56"
Instructions are printed on the plate! Comes with 5 different patterns you can add to each face of the box.
Intricate and clever designs have been laser etched with precision into top quality acrylic plates, thereby allowing you to get in the groove with a specifically made-to-measure embossing tool, and effortlessly follow the design path through parchment.
The end result is quick, crisp and clean.
For best results from the Groovi Plates and Groovi Plate Mate, use the 0.8mm - 1.3mm embossing tool.

GRO40216  Groovi Birds & Landscapes Plate A5 Sq  $8.75
Size: 5.80" x 5.80"

GRO40079  Groovi Winter Landscape Plate A5 Sq  $8.75
Size: 5.80" x 5.80"

GRO40355  Groovi Plate - Piercing Border Diagonal Plate 2  $12.00
2.36" x 11.69"

GRO40367  Groovi Plate - OOoh - La - La Knickers  $14.25
Size: 8.27" x 8.27"

GRO40307  Groovi Translucent Piercing Mat  $6.00
A4 Translucent Piercing and Parching Mat: This A4 mat provides the perfect protection for your light panel when you are using piercing tools on your parchment work.
Size: 8.25" x 11.60" and 4mm thick

GRO40345  Groovi Plate - Guard  $4.25
This guard will make sure that the paper stays flat and in place as you pierce your parchment, ensuring a neat perforation. It's made of a semi-translucent material, so that you can see where you're going while you work.
It also works great as a protective shield whilst colouring or doing whitework on parchment.

5.83" x 5.83"

GRO40366  Groovi Plate - Oooh - La - La Bra   $14.25
Size: 8.27" x 8.27"

GRO40351  Groovi Plate - Piercing border Straight Plate 2  $12.00
2.36" x 11.69"

GRO40018  Groovi Snowflakes Plate A5 Sq  $8.75
Size: 5.80" x 5.80"

GRO40023  Groovi Christmas Tree, Angel & Star Plate A5 Sq  $8.75
Size: 5.80" x 5.80"

ACC30384  Clarity Stamps - Coloring Book Feathered Friends $14.00
These beautiful illustrations are all set for you to color in. In fact, whether you enjoy the artwork just as it is, or choose to add your own doodle detail to the open spaces is entirely up to you. All you need is time, some coloring pencils (or pens) and a little imagination.
Includes 21 pull out pages.
Size: 10.39" x 9.84"

ACC30385  Clarity Stamps - Feathered Friends Postcard Series #1  $5.25
Set of 7 Postcards
Each postcard is beautifully illustrated with a feathered friend, for you to color in and share with someone special.
4.53" x 5.83"

ACC30386  Clarity Stamps - Feathered Friends Postcard Series #2  $5.25
Set of 7 Postcards
Each postcard is beautifully illustrated with a feathered friend, for you to colour in and share with someone special.
4.53" x 5.83"

ACC30387  Clarity Stamps - Feathered Friends Postcard Series #3  $5.25
Set of 7 Postcards
Each postcard is beautifully illustrated with a feathered friend, for you to colour in and share with someone special.
4.53" x 5.83"

ACC30388  Clarity Stamps - Feathered Friends - Bookmarks Collection  $5.25
Set of 5 Colouring Bookmarks + Sleeves
Each bookmark is double-sided, with a beautiful illustration and a suitable quote!
2.13" x 8.27"

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