Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Note From Patricia

Hello everyone!  Pat here.......... 

First of all...Darlene and I would like to thank each and every one of you for all of the support, patience and understanding regarding so many out of stock items as of late. We appreciate you very much for this.

Secondly, it is with heavy heart that I have to share this news with you and is very difficult for me to do so, but here goes:

Due to personal issues at home, it has become necessary for me to leave Dutch Paper Crafts and spend my time in retirement with my husband, Roger. The business is being turned back over to Darlene. It saddens me to leave because I have met and made friends with so many wonderful people since I joined DPC over three years ago. Dutch Paper Crafts has truly enriched my life because of all of you.

With this being said, here is how this transition will work:

Effective  October 1, 2016, Darlene will be doing all the invoicing, just like she used to do before I came along. So nothing really should change for you in that respect. You will place your orders with her, as usual, and pay your invoices, as usual. Until then, I will still be invoicing your existing orders and shipping your product. All invoices that come from me must be paid by October 31, 2016 so that I can get everything shipped out and close out my books. Anyone who has an invoice that shows an out of stock item, PLEASE re-order it through Darlene.

I will maintain this email address until December 31, 2016, so that if any orders accidently come to me, I can forward them on to Darlene at her email . Darlene and I will do our best to make this transition as simple and easy as possible for you. But please start sending all orders and correspondence to Darlene.

Please know that it has been my pleasure to serve you all, but most of all to ‘know you’. I feel like we are family, and in a sense, in the crafting world...we are. I feel a great sense of loss and shall miss you all terribly! 

Lastly but certainly not least... to my partner, Darlene, I will miss you the most! Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to grow, both professionally and personally, and opening doors to the world of crafting where it was possible to meet all of these fine ladies from all over the globe and to make lasting friendships that most people will never experience in their lifetime. That, my friend, is a great gift that I will treasure always. 

For those of you who would like to stay in touch with me, here is my personal email address.   
If any of you would like to drop me a line from time to time to just say hi and let me know how you are doing, I would really love that. It will truly help to make my departure from DPC less painful.  

Love and big hugs to good friends and good people. Ya’ll are the BEST of the BEST!

Until we meet again……..



  1. Hi Pat,
    I am sorry to hear that you are leaving DPC. Thanks for all the things you have done for all of us. Our friendship will stay forever and we are staying in touch. Darlene i wish you all the best with DPC and i hope everything is going well with the business. Ofcourse we are staying in toch also!!
    Hugs, your Little Dutch Connection. xxxxxxxxxx