Monday, October 10, 2016

Frantic Stamper PreOrder

Hello friends.  Here is the latest release from Frantic Stamper.  These are so adorable!  Please email all orders to Darlene at

FRA10033  Winter Wonderland Card Panel Die  $23.25
The Winter Wonderland Card Panel die measures 3.5" x 4.75" making it the perfect size to layer onto a background card base. The die cuts this beautiful deer in the forest scene in 1 piece, which can easily be colored if desired. It's easy to add more elements to the scene to add dimension. Take a look at some of the samples for quick and easy cards, as well as ones where multiple layers have been added.

FRA10034  Birch Tree Forest Die Set  $25.00
There are plenty of birch tree dies out there, but Fran thinks, none as versatile as this one. First, you get 3 different birch tree trunks, each measuring 5.5" tall. This allows you to use them on both vertical and horizontal cards, or even on square cards.
Next, they included 6 cute animals (2 cardinals, 2 squirrels, and 2 rabbits) perfectly sized to the trees.
It's easy to create forest scenes using this great set of birch trees. Try adding any of the deer from the "Herd of Deer" die set (FRA10035) for even more possibilities.

FRA10035  Herd of Deer Die Set  $18.00
Fran wanted to give you more wonderful deer for your winter scene cards, but she couldn't stop at just 2 or 3..... so here are 7 deer, including bucks, fawns and does, in several poses. The largest deer measures 1.5" x 1.625".
NOTE: these deer dies are perfectly sized to accompany the Winter Wonderland card panel (FRA10033), the Birch Tree Forest (FRA10035), and if you need 2 more deer, don't forget the Buck and Doe die set (FRA9227)

FRA10036  Polar Bear and Cubs Die Set $12.75
Mamma polar bear is watching over her 2 playful cubs. Mamma bear measures 2.6" x 1.625". The sitting bear cub measures 0.875" x 1.125", and the walking cub is 1.5" x 0.8".

FRA10037  Yeti Die  $8.25
Doesn't Fran's "big foot" remind you of the abominable snowman in a popular Christmas cartoon? He is so friendly! Yeti measures 2" x 2.5".

FRA10038  Penguin Family Die Set  $9.25
This fun family of penguins is looking for a home. The largest penguin (the one waving) measures 1.5" x 1.5". They make a perfect pair with the Igloo die (FRA10039)

FRA10039  Igloo Die Set  $9.25
Brrrrrr….. Time to get out of the cold and climb into your igloo. This 3 piece set features the igloo measuring 2.75" x 1.5" along with snow pieces to cover the top and the entrance if you so wish.

FRA10040  Little Gingerbread House Die $11.75
A sweet little gingerbread house welcomes you with candy canes and peppermint candy, a frosted roof and gum drop bushes. This fun little gem measures 2.625" x 2.5". It's fun to color and add sparkly snow to the rooftop!

FRA10041  Crystal Snowflake Die  $8.25
The delicate Crystal Snowflake measures 2.4" in diameter and features a lacy design. Combine it with Frosty Snowflake (FRA10042) and Snowflake Trio (FRA10043) for a wintery mix.

FRA10042  Frosty Snowflake Die  $5.75
The Frosty Snowflake is a 6-pointed branch snowflake measuring 2" in diameter. Mix and match it with Crystal Snowflake (FRA10041) and Snowflake Trio (FRA10043) for a wintery mix.

FRA10043  Snowflake Trio Die Set  $11.75
The Snowflake Trio die set contains three smaller snowflakes measuring 1.375", 1.625", and 1.75" in diameter respectively.

FRA10044  Let It Snow Oval Die  $11.00
The Let It Snow oval measures 2.25" x 3". Use it alone as a focal point on a card, or to make a shaker card window as it has nice open spaces. It's also great to combine with Pinprick Ovals (FRA9644) or Stitched Ovals (FRA9638) for a frame around this die.

FRA10045  Oliver The Snowman Die  $6.50
Winter is the time for snowmen! Oliver the Snowman is wearing a woolen cap and scarf. He's got the traditional stick arms and carrot nose too! Oliver measures 2.125" x 1.8"

FRA10046  Edward The Snowman Die  $6.50
Edward the Snowman is dapper in his vest and hat, all the while holding his straw broom. Edward measures 2" x 2.1"

FRA10047  Wilfred The Snowman Die  $6.50
Wilfred the Snowman is ready for winter with his woolen cap, scarf and mittens. Wilfred measures 1.9" x 1.9"

FRA10048   Oval Reverse Cut Snowman Die  $5.75
This darling reverse cut snowman die will cut the design INTO the paper, leaving just the snowman peeking through the opening. The entire piece measures 1.5" x 1.75". If you want to cut him into a stand-alone element, you can use one of the ovals from the Elementals #12 set (FRA9795), or the little oval tag found in our Tag Builder Set #1 (FRA10052)

FRA10049  Peeking Snowman Family Die Set  $10.00
Three darling snowmen are peeking through the windows. Each die measures 1.25", allowing you to fit all 3 on one card. They are also a perfect fit for Fran's square scalloped vignette base die (FRA9607)

FRA10050  Hanging Mittens Die  $5.75
The sweet hanging mittens die measures 1.375" x 1.8"

FRA10051  Hanging Skates  Die  $8.25
Hang up your ice skates and create a fun winter card. The Hanging Skates die measures 2.375" x 2.875"

FRA10052  Tag Builder Set #1 Die Set   $16.25
Welcome to the first in Fran's series of Tag Builder dies. In the coming months, we will bring you more sets featuring interchangeable pieces to create a wide variety and styles of dies.
This first set contains a traditional shaped tag with sweet stitching detail, measuring 2.45" x 3.75". You also get a small scalloped oval tag measuring 1.75" x 2.125", 2 hole reinforcements, a little oblong word plaque measuring 1.45" x 0.375", and several words (Santa, to, from, for)

FRA10053 Star Santa Die  $10.00
The Star Santa is dear to Fran's heart because it reminds her of fabric Christmas ornaments she used to make and give out during the holidays. He measures 2.75" x 2.55", and is fun to color, or adorn with flocking, glitter and more.

FRAS053  Snow Much Fun Stamp Set  $13.50
A 4"x6" set of clear stamps, made of the highest quality, non-yellowing polymer.
Featuring 2 adorable snowmen and several mix-and-match "snow" pun sentiments, this stamp set is the perfect companion to your winter cards. Use the matching die set (FRA10032) to cut out the 2 snowman and 1 snowflake images.

FRA10032  Snow Much Fun Matching Dies  $8.25
This set of 3 dies cuts out the images (2 snowmen + 1 snowflake) from the Snow Much Fun clear stamp set (FRAS053)


Do you love that Lab in the samples as much as I do?  He is an older die but still available:
FRA9366  Labrador Retriever Die  $5.00
Here's a cute Lab for you. Cut him from different colors to make a chocolate lab, golden lab or black lab. He measures 1.2" x 1.25".


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