Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tattered Lace Pre Order

Hello friends.  I am offering another release from Tattered Lace.  As I learn about this company I have discovered that they discontinue an item FAST!  No warning!  So with that in mind I suggest that you order any items you absolutely cannot live without now, because later on they may not be available.  With that in mind, here are the links to the previous Tattered Lace Items just in case you want anything before they are gone....
Tattered Lace Various Items HERE
Tattered Lace Disney Release HERE

Email all orders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

Also, I must ask a favor on a personal note. Would you please only order items that you can pay for when I bill you?  I am unable to hold items for weeks or months until you can pay.  90% of the items I offer can be ordered at any time-there is no need to order them and then ask to pay later.  Just order them when you can pay and I will get them as soon as I can  :)  Also, if you need to make a down payment when you order, I can do that.  I totally understand about having money in hand now that may not be there in two weeks...LOL  Just ask and I will help you with it. Also, I don't want any of you wonderful ladies thinking this comment was directed at any one of you.  I have had more than 20 people request this and I am just not financially able to do it. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Now for the release!

DL001/STDL005  Disney Frozen Melded Elsa Castle Die and Stamp Set  $38.25
These items measure approx:
Elsa Castle: 7.1cm x 11.9cm
Edge: 5.7cm x 11.1cm
Face Stamp: 0.6cm x 0.7cm
Create entirely accurate, professional-looking die-cuts of Queen Elsa and Olaf with Elsa's castle, then use the face, snowflake and icy flourish stamps to truly bring your Frozen scene to life.
I like this set for two reasons.  It is a wonderful set for little girls who all seem to adore this movie and it also is a great set to make a winter themed card whether it be a birthday or holiday.

DL021 Disney Frozen Icy Flourish Die  $17.00
This die measures approx 4.7cm x 12.9cm.
Create die-cuts with true Disney styling, depicting icy swirls and delicate snowflakes to set that perfect winter scene.
Goes wonderfully with the Melded Elsa Castle Die and stamp set.

ADV2016  Tattered Lace Advent Calendar 2016  $25.50
The brand new Tattered Lace Advent Calendar 2016 is the perfect way for any crafter to countdown to Christmas. Get a brand new and exclusive Mini Die every day, with a perfect die for every occasion.
This makes a wonderful gift for any crafting friend.  You have to give it to them early though but what a thoughtful gift.

D0894  Charisma Pansy Die and CD-ROM  $36.25
These dies measure approx:
Pansy: 7.1cm x 9.7cm
Small Flower: 1.1cm x 1.1cm
Medium Flower: 2.2cm x 1.9cm
Large Flower: 2cm x 2.7cm
Bunch: 1.2cm x 1.8cm
Leaf: 0.9cm x 1.8cm
A couple of you requested this set so here it is!  Remember I made a video showing how to use these clever sets. (If you click the link in the beginning of this post to Tattered lace Various items-it will take you to the video)

D0978  A Little Bit of Love Die  $25.50
This die measures approx 8.3cm x 12.7cm.
Every time I see this die it brings a smile to my face.  I think the dog makes it special.

D1122  Puppy Die  $10.75
This die measures approx 5.4cm x 6.1cm.
This little guy had been out of stock for a long time.  I hope I can get one now before they run out!  He is just so cute.

D1285+86  Melded A Walk in the Countryside Die Set  $35.25
These dies measure approx:
A Walk in the Countryside: 6.7cm x 9.4cm
Edge: 4.4cm x 7.8cm
I own this die and really like it.  The Melded die sets are so wonderful because you don't have to cut the frame-it is a separate die!  Lots of versatility.

ETL446  Sweet Briar Die Set  $25.50
These dies measure approx:
Sentiment: 7.7cm x 7.1cm
Floral Frame: 13.1cm x 12.5cm
Edge: 13.9cm x 13.2cm
This is a delicate die set that can make a beautiful card topper but I also see it as a lovely frame to a photograph. 

ETL448  Lazy Daisies Die Set  $25.50
These dies measure approx:
Sentiment: 6.3cm x 3.1cm
Floral Frame: 17.4cm x 9.7cm
Edge: 18.1cm x 10.4cm
What drew my attention to this die was how it can be turned 90 degrees for a totally different look.  Another sweet, delicate die.

ETL461  Lavender Die  $15.75
This die measures approx 10.8cm x 11.3cm.
Here in New York we call this a Lilac!  Wait until you see the sample below made with it - it is beautiful! 

ETL464 Scotty Dog Die  $15.75
This die measures approx 8.5cm x 11.5cm.
Look at that face!!!  Oh what an adorable die.  I am definitely getting this one!

ETL045-48  Gatefold Edger Die Set  $15.75
These dies measure approx:
Amore Edger: 6.7cm x 13.4cm
Charming Edger: 3.8cm x 14.1cm
Double Delights Edger: 4.7cm x 14.1cm
Palmette Edger: 2.8cm x 14cm
These dies were made to cut the edges of the embossing folders below.  What a clever idea!  So much easier then cutting them by hand.

EF082  Gatefold Embossing Folder - Amore  $6.25
This embossing folder design measures approx 4.4cm x 3.5cm.

EF083 Gatefold Embossing Folder - Palmette  $6.25
This embossing folder design measures approx 4.9cm x 2.7cm.

EF084  Gatefold Embossing Folder - Double Delights  $6.25
This embossing folder design measures approx 5.6cm x 5.9cm.

EF085  Gatefold Embossing Folder - Charming  $6.25
This embossing folder design measures approx 4cm x 3.5cm.

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