Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sue Wilson Pre Order

Hello paper crafters.  Here are the newest items from Sue Wilson.  So many beautiful dies to chose from!  This release is a little different as many of the dies go together.  I will try my best to group them together.  Also, if you haven't ordered any Sue Wilson dies lately, you should note that she now makes smaller dies as well!  Make sure to check the sizes  :)  Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

First are the leaves and flowers!

CED1465  Striped Nasturtiums $13.50
6 dies    Sizes:
Smallest: 1.0" x 1.0"
Largest: 1.55" x 1.50"

CED1466  Beaded Starflower  $13.50
6 dies  Sizes:
Smallest: 1.0" x 1.0"
Largest: 1.80" x 1.75"

CED1467  Autumn Leaf Trio  $21.50
6 dies    Sizes:
Smallest: 1.0" x 2.20"
Largest: 2.0"x 2.55"
Co-ordinates with CED1468 Swirly Leaf Trio

CED1468  Swirly Leaf Trio  $11.50
3 dies    Sizes:
Smallest: 0.85" x 2.10"
Largest: 1.90" x 2.50"
I list this as a must have set!  It co-ordinates with CED1467 to make GORGEOUS leaves.  Make sure to check out the sample below.

CED1469 Delightful Daisies  $11.50
4 dies    Sizes:
Smallest: 0.75" x 1.25"
Largest: 1.25" x 3.0"

CED1470  Wooden Gate and Fence  $9.50
4 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.25" x 0.25"
Largest: 3.25" x 0.70"

CED1471  Family Tree  $17.25
11 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.25" x 0.25"
Largest: 3.60" x 4.25"

Next is the Striplets!  They have been designed with an inner decorative die as well as an outer decorative piece with cutting edges for both of them.  You can easily use one, the other or both pieces together to create a myriad of looks for your projects.  The versatility is endless with this these.  Think backgrounds, borders or even focal elements every time you pick them up to use. The two striplets in this release are also slightly different sizes so the cutting edges from both sets can be used together to create thin frames for added extra versatility as well.

CED1622  Striplets Lotus  $11.50
4 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.50" x 4.0"
Largest: 1.75" x 5.20"

CED1623  Striplets  Timeless  $12.25
4 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.75" x 4.25"
Largest: 1.95" x 5.45"

Just one addition to the Frames and Tags Collection -but I love the different shape!

CED4321  Frames and Tags- Molly  $13.50
4 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.60" x 1.75"
Largest: 2.70" x 4.50"

Now for the Configurations.  These die sets have been designed in three pieces so you have the ability to mix and match the edges. The decorative center die can be used not only for edges and borders, but it makes a beautiful background since it can be cut continuously due to the lack of side cutting edge.  There is just so much versatility to these configuration sets.

CED6412  Configurations  Trellis Edger  $10.75
3 dies    Sizes:
Smallest: 0.25" x 5.0"
Largest: 0.60" x 5.0"

CED6413  Configurations - Linear Elegance Edger  $11.50
3 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.20" x 5.0"
Largest: 0.85" x 4.90"

Backgrounds!  This background has a vine theme that runs through the design from the outer die into the inner die.  It has been designed in a square style to make square cards.    It makes a beautiful card with a very minimal effort!  Always great for those last minute cards and projects.

CED7106  Backgrounds Swirly Vine  $22.25
5 dies    Sizes:
Smallest: 1.60" x 1.60"
Largest: 4.90" x 4.90"

The Shadow Box Collection! In The Garden Shadow Box has a lovely crisscross detail around each of the box openings.  Sue created this shadow box with the inside cutting edges attached so you will have all the opening cut out with just a single pass through your machine.  The die is packed full of gardening ides that can be used with or without the actual shadow box as well.  The Shadow Box Accessory sets have been specifically designed to work with the Shadow Box frame, but will also look amazing when used on their own in other projects.

CED9309  Shadow Box- In the Garden  $21.50
12 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.25" x 0.75"
Largest: 4.25" x 5.40"

CED9310  Shadow Box Accessory- Retail Therapy  $17.25
14 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.65" x 0.25"
Largest: 2.0" x 1.75"

CED9311  Shadow Box Accessory- You're A Star  $8.25
6 dies   Sizes:
Smallest (soccer ball): 0.60" x 0.60"
Largest (You're a Star): 2.0" x 0.60"

CED9312  Shadow Box Accessory -Feel Better Soon  $13.50
11 dies   Sizes:
Smallest (heart): 0.25" x 0.25"
Largest (Get Well): 2.05" x 1.90"

CED9313  Shadow Box Accessory- Thanks A Latte  $11.50
11 dies   Sizes:
Smallest (donut):0.50" x 0.30"
Largest(Thanks a latte): 1.90" x 1.55"

Now on to the Pacific Ocean Collection!

CED12001 Pacific Ocean Collection- Background  $22.25
6 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 0.85" x 2.25"
Largest: 4.10" x 6.10"

CED12002 Pacific Ocean Collection-Border and Corners  $18.00
 6 die   Sizes:
Smallest: 1.50" x 1.40"
Largest: 1.25" x 6.10"
There is an inside and outside corner to use so the possibilities are endless for your creations.

CED12003  Pacific Ocean Collection -Tag Duo  $12.25
8 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 1.30"x 0.75"
Largest: 3.05" x 1.75"
The Tag duo has some of the same design features and looks ever so pretty when used together with the Pacific Ocean Hexagon Dies.

CED12004  Pacific Ocean Collection -Tahiti  $19.25
6 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 1.20" x 1.20"
Largest: 4.0" x 4.90"
The Tahiti die has the same inner shape as the Bora Bora so those dies will mat and layer with each other.

CED12005  Pacific Ocean Collection -Bora Bora  $19.25
6 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 1.80" x 1.70"
Largest:  4.35" x 4.35"

CED12006  Pacific Ocean Collection -Fiji  $16.25
6 dies   Sizes:
Smallest: 1.60" x 1.45"
Largest: 3.75" x 4.0"
the Fiji die mirrors the hexagonal shape that runs throughout the collection.  The center of the die set completes the matting set with both the Tahiti and the Bora Bora


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