Monday, November 14, 2016

Tattered Lace Pre Order Puppies and Kitties and Art Deco

Hello friends.  Hope you are all well.  I am doing another pre order for some really nice new items from tattered lace.  Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

ETL354  Flourish Gateway Die  $32.00
This die measures approx 12cm x 13.7cm.
I like how the edges bend making it easier to attach and allowing it to open.  Wouldn't it be fun to take a picture of tour home, or dog, or husband and put it behind the gate?

 This sample shows how you can snip part of the die cut away and get an entirely different look...

ETL411  Card Shapes Circles  $28.75
These dies measure approx:
No 1: 2.8cm x 2.9cm
No 2: 3.9cm x 3.9cm
No 3: 5.4cm x 5.6cm
No 4: 7cm x 7cm
No 5: 8.3cm x 8.3cm
No 6: 10.1cm x 10.4cm
No 7: 11.8cm x 12cm
No 8: 13.2cm x 13.6cm
No 9: 15cm x 15.4cm
If I understand this die set (and the next one below), you fold your cardstock in half, select one of the dies and put the open edge of the die against the folded cardstock, and voila!  You have a beautiful edged folded card.

If you like the lady and scotty dog die, I may be able to get you one if it is still in stock.  Cost would be $20.00

ETL412 Card Shapes Ovals  $26.75
These dies measure approx:
No 1: 2.3cm x 3.7cm
No 2: 3.1cm x 4.8cm
No 3: 3.8cm x 6.9cm
No 4: 6.1cm x 9cm
No 5: 7.7cm x 11.1cm
No 6: 8.8cm x 14.4cm
No 7: 11cm x 16.7cm
No 8: 12.6cm x 18.8cm
No 9: 14.2cm x 21.7cm
Again another die to make Fancy edged cards.  This time in Oval.

ETL486  Secret Slider Die Set  $42.50
These dies measure approx:
Frame 1: 14.7cm x 19.4cm
Frame 2: 10.6cm x 14.9cm
Frame 3: 5.6cm x 6.8cm
Frame 4: 2.2cm x 2.5cm
Aperture 1: 8.9cm x 14.1cm
Aperture 2: 7.1cm x 11.3cm
Aperture 3: 3.5cm x 5.4cm
Aperture 4: 1cm x 1.6cm
Pull Tab 1: 11cm x 3.3cm
Pull Tab 2: 7.7cm x 2.3cm
Pull Tab 3: 3.9cm x 1.4cm
Pull Tab 4: 1.5cm x 0.8cm
Leaf 1: 2.1cm x 6.2cm
Leaf 2: 2.1cm x 6cm
Leaf 3: 2cm x 1.1cm
Leaf 4: 1.3cm x 0.5cm
Leaf 5: 0.7cm x 2.2cm
Leaf 6: 0.6cm x 2.5cm
Flower 1: 2.3cm x 2.6cm
Flower 2: 2.5cm x 2.5cm
Flower 3: 1cm x 1cm
Flower 4: 1.1cm x 1.1cm
Flower 5: 1.5cm x 1.3cm
Flower 6: 1.3cm x 1.3cm
Flower 7: 1cm x 0.9cm
Flower 8: 1cm x 1cm
Flower 9: 1cm x 1cm
Flower 10: 1.2cm x 1.2cm
Flourish 1: 5.4cm x 2.5cm
Flourish 2: 5.3cm x 4.9cm
Flourish 3: 6.8cm x 4.9cm
Flourish 4: 2.5cm x 2.2cm
Teardrop: 1.5cm x 0.8cm
Slider 1: 13.9cm x 19.4cm
Slider 2: 10cm x 14.9cm
Slider 3: 5.8cm x 6.8cm
Slider 4: 2.8cm x 2.5cm
Heart 1: 1.1cm x 1cm
Heart 2: 1.1cm x 1cm
Heart 3: 1.1cm x 1cm
Heart 4: 1.1cm x 1cm
Heart 5: 0.8cm x 0.7cm
Heart 6: 1.4cm x 1.4cm
Heart 7: 2.4cm x 2.2cm
Heart 8: 1.1cm x 1.1cm
Arrow 1: 0.5cm x 0.5cm
Arrow 2: 1.4cm x 1.6cm
Arrow 3: 1.3cm x 1.3cm
Arrow 4: 1cm x 1.3cm
Arrow 5: 1.8cm x 2.2cm
Arrow 6: 1cm x 1cm
Arrow 7: 0.9cm x 1.4cm
Arrow 8: 0.9cm x 1.4cm
Border 1: 0.8cm x 4.8cm
Border 2: 1cm x 9.6cm
Triangles: 1.6cm x 1.1cm
WOW!  Look at all the dies in this set!  Secret slider cards are cards that you print (or stamp) one image on acetate and then another image on cardstock.  You pull the tab and magically the image on acetate becomes all colored in.  These were all the rage about 10 years ago but never as fancy as this set.  Plus the set does all the work for you.  Here is a video showing how to use the die set.  Remember, you cannot see the videos from your email-you have to go to the blog.

ETL526  Glitz and Glam Daisy Die  $21.25
This die measures approx 5cm x 11.7cm.
If you are not a fan of art deco and you want a elegant lady die, then here you go!  This would make a beautiful birthday card.

ETL525  Glitz and Glam Grace and Charles Die  $37.25
This die measures approx 9.7cm x 12cm.
When I see this card I think of a perfect Happy New Year card.  Also, it would make a nice anniversary card.

ETL527  Glitz and Glam Clara Die  $21.25
This die measures approx 6cm x 11.7cm.
I love the flowing tendrils and layering of her dress.  Very elegant.

ETL532   Art Deco Stepper Card Die Set  $32.00
These dies measure approx:
Card: 21cm x 14.8cm
Centre Detail: 7.6cm x 13.2cm
Centre Frame: 8.6cm x 14cm
Small Details: 4cm x 5cm each
Small Frames: 5.9cm x 6.6cm each
Large Details: 3.7cm x 8.3cm
Large Frames: 5.1cm x 10.3cm
Triangle 1: 1.4cm x 1.1cm
Triangle 2: 2.9cm x 2.2cm
Square 1: 0.9cm x 0.9cm
Square 2: 1.7cm x 1.7cm
Love: 4.3cm x 1.4cm
Invited: 5.5cm x 1.1cm
Are: 2.8cm x 1.1cm
To: 1.6cm x 1cm
Happy: 3.7cm x 0.9cm
Birthday: 5.5cm x 0.9cm
Best: 3.4cm x 1.1cm
Wishes: 5.2cm x 1.1cm
You: 3.1cm x 1.2cm
Party: 3.4cm x 0.9cm
With: 4.5cm x 1.4cm
The main die bends (accordion folds) to make a self standing stepper card.  The words are just an added bonus!

ETL533  Art Deco Card Die  $21.25
These dies measure approx:
Card: 10.4cm x 14.8cm
Centre: 2.5cm x 5.7cm
Centre Frame 1: 4.5cm x 7.7cm
Centre Frame 2: 5.6cm x 8.8cm
Centre Frame 3: 6.6cm x 10.1cm
Small Frames: 3.6cm x 6.2cm each
Large Frames: 3.5cm x 8.4cm each
Triangle 1: 2.5cm x 1.6cm
Triangle 2: 4.2cm x 2.7cm
Triangle 3: 5.8cm x 3.7cm
Not a stepper card, but very pretty!

Combine the stepper card with the card die!

ETL534  Art Deco Doorway Die  $37.25
This die measures approx 11.4cm x 17.7cm.
I love how this die looks dimensional even though it is flat.  I see this as an awesome Christmas card with the door decorated with lights and a wreath.  Perhaps a puppy or kitty sitting on the step?

ETL535 Deco Poppy Die  $14.00
This die measures approx 4.6cm x 11.5cm. 
The versatility of this die is amazing.  It is a beautiful die.

ETL541  Cat Paw-trait Dies  $14.00
These dies measure approx:
Cat 1: 3.4cm x 4.1cm
Cat 2: 3.3cm x 3.7cm
Cat 3: 3.4cm x 3.8cm
Paws: 1.5cm x 0.9cm each
This is so cute.  I like how they made the paws so you can place them to make the cat pose. They were made to work with the Apertures Dies.  I couldn't find a good sample for this set but you will get the idea with the dog one below.....

ETL542  Dog Paw-trait Dies  $14.00
These dies measure approx:
Dog 1: 3.2cm x 3.5cm
Dog 2: 3.1cm x 3.9cm
Dog 3: 3.1cm x 3.5cm
Paws: 1.3cm x 0.7cm each
Oh, I love these.  One of my dearest customers has a dog like this so I dedicate these dies to Cap!
Again these dies work great with the Apertures Dies.

ETL543  Flying Ducks Dies  $16.00
These dies measure approx:
Duck 1: 7.8cm x 5.6cm
Duck 2: 7.9cm x 5.6cm
Duck 3: 8.4cm x 3.9cm
Have a hunter in the family?  Also a nice accompaniment to a hunting dog die.

ETL545  Linking Apertures Dies  $14.00
These dies measure approx:
Outer Squares: 3.7cm x 3.7cm
Square 1-1: 2.2cm x 2.2cm
Square 1-2: 2.9cm x 2.9cm
Square 2-1: 1.6cm x 1.6cm
Square 2-2: 2.6cm x 2.6cm
Diamond 1: 1.8cm x 1.8cm
Diamond 2: 2.9cm x 2.9cm
Made to work with the cat and dog pawtrait dies-but I know you can see a lot more uses for these dies.

ETL546  Linking Apertures Rectangles Die Set  $14.00
These dies measure approx:
Outer Rectangles: 5.7cm x 3.7cm
Rectangle 1-1: 4.2cm x 2.5cm
Rectangle 1-2: 5cm x 2.9cm
Rectangle 2-1: 3.9cm x 1.9cm
Rectangle 2-2: 4.7cm x 2.7cm
Diamond 1: 3.5cm x 2cm
Diamond 2: 5cm x 2.9cm
Made to work with the cat and dog pawtrait dies-but I know you can see a lot more uses for these dies.

ETL547  Linking Apertures Circles Die Set  $14.00
These dies measure approx:
Outer Circles: 3.7cm x 3.7cm
Circle 1-1: 2.2cm x 2.2cm
Circle 1-2: 2.9cm x 2.9cm
Circle 2-1: 1.9cm x 1.9cm
Circle 2-2: 2.6cm x 2.6cm
Circle 3-1: 2cm x 2cm
Circle 3-2: 2.7cm x 2.7cm
Made to work with the cat and dog pawtrait dies-but I know you can see a lot more uses for these dies.

ETL548  Patrick the Pug  Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 6.8cm x 8.4cm.
Our neighbor has two of these dogs.  They are so cute.....

I do believe they used the oval card shapes die here  :)

ETL549  Ruby Ragdoll Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 7.3cm x 8.7cm.
Look in the samples how they cut the die around the face to give some dimension to the die!

ETL550  Tabitha Tabby Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 6.7cm x 9.1cm.
Love the profile view.  So sweet.

Love that round stepper card?  I may be able to get you one......just ask me.

ETL551  Barney the Bernese Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 9.3cm x 8.3cm.
Look at that jaunty bow tie.  So cute!

ETL552  Berty the Basset Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 7.9cm x 10.5cm.
Basset hounds have such soulful eyes....

ETL553  Rupert the Setter Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 8cm x 9.9cm.
This is a beautiful die.  Proud looking setter

ETL556 Jazz Microphone Die Set $12.75
There must be a stand with this die that isn't shown.  You will see it in the samples.
These dies measure approx:
Microphone: 3cm x 10.1cm
Stand: 2.8cm x 5.6cm


  1. Gorgeous dies! Absolutely love the gate and people. Why can't I win the lottery? Oh yeah, you have to play.