Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Tattered Lace Items to Pre Order

Hello crafters!  I am doing another pre order for Tattered Lace.  Now that I am getting familiar with Tattered Lace I am starting to figure out a few things.  First, they are working on a preorder basis so after you order from me, I have to wait for them to make and then mail me the die-so please don't plan on getting these dies immediately.  The next thing I have realized is that if you want a die-it is best to order it immediately.  If you wait a week or two to order it from me, they are usually out of the die's allotment and then it is a ......long.......wait - IF they even decide to make more of them. 
Now on a side note.  I looked at the samples on these dies and I thought for sure some of them were print and cut dies.  My sales rep assured me they were all hand done.  WOW!   Harry Potter fans are going to be very excited...
Please email all preorders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com       I always respond to emails within 24 hours.  If I don't respond to you, please resend your email as I probably did not get it.

TLD0013  Art Deco Linear Card Shape Die Set  $26.25
I would just like to state that the Tattered Lace Card kits are always worth it.  When I see any card kit in person, I always regret if I didn't get myself one because they are so creative.  Plus there are soooo many dies -making it a good value.
These dies measure approx:
Card Shape 1: 11.3cm x 14.6cm
Card Shape 2: 12cm x 15.2cm
Diamond 1: 0.6cm x 1.9cm
Diamond 2: 1.3cm x 4.6cm
Diamond 3: 1.9cm x 7.4cm
Diamond 4: 2.6cm x 8.2cm
Diamond 5: 3.3cm x 9.1cm
Diamond 6: 3.9cm x 9.9cm
Base 1: 3cm x 0.3cm
Base 2: 4.4cm x 1cm
Base 3: 9.9cm x 1.5cm
Base 4: 10.7cm x 2.2cm
Decoration 1: 0.6cm x 1.2cm
Decoration 2: 0.8cm x 2cm
Decoration 3: 1.5cm x 3.1cm
Decoration 4: 1.5cm x 4.3cm
Decoration 5: 2.6cm x 0.7cm
Decoration 6: 3.8cm x 1.3cm

TLD0014  Art Deco Linear Corner Die  $18.00
Beautiful die.  Would make a great background.
This die measures approx 9.7cm x 9.7cm.

TLD0018  Art Deco Lamp Die  $26.25
This looks just like the Art Deco Lamp!  Think about constructing this one with a tea light in the background to light it up! So pretty.  I predict this one will be popular.
This die measures approx 10.3cm x 13.9cm.

TLD0019  Art Deco Pure Decadence Lady  $26.25
 I like how some of the samples put cut the fan away and have her holding other things.  I also love her shoes!
This die measures approx 8.4cm x 12.1cm.

TLD0021  Iconic Deco Card Shape Die Set  $23.25
Another Card Making die.  Again a bargain for all the dies you get.  Nice sentiments in Art Deco Style too!
These dies measure approx:
Base: 14.2cm x 14.8cm
Centre Mat 1: 7.5cm x 8.3cm
Centre Mat 2: 8.2cm x 8.9cm
Top Centre Mat 1: 1cm x 3.9cm
Top Centre Mat 2: 1.6cm x 6.7cm
Top Left/Right Mat 1-1: 1cm x 2.6cm
Top Left/Right Mat 1-2: 2cm x 5.3cm
Top Left/Right Mat 2: 1.8cm x 3.1cm
Left/Right Mat 1-1: 1.6cm x 4.3cm
Left/Right Mat 1-2: 3.2cm x 8.9cm
Left/Right Mat 2-1: 0.8cm x 1.3cm
Left/Right Mat 2-2: 2.3cm x 3.9cm
Left/Right Mat 2-3: 3.8cm x 6.5cm
Left/Right Mat 3-1: 1.6cm x 1.8cm
Left/Right Mat 3-2: 3.4cm x 3.7cm
Left/Right Mat 4-1: 0.8cm x 0.5cm
Left/Right Mat 4-2: 2.4cm x 1.4cm
Each Word: 0.9cm tall

TLD0022  Today is a Gift  $12.75
Cute play on words.  Also versatile and can be used for many occasions.
This die measures approx 8.1cm x 7.1cm.

TLD0023  Circle Jigsaw Die and CD-ROM  $36.75
Can you say fun!  Wouldn't it be great to cut a photo with these and take it apart and mail to someone?  Also I love Tattered lace CD Roms.
This die measures approx 15cm x 15cm.

TLD0027  Friends are like Stars Die  $17.75
Nice Sentiment to go with several of the dies in this posting.
This die measures approx 13.9cm x 7.7cm.

TLD0034  Faerie Wishes & Moonbeam Dies  $21.25
I didn't get this one until I saw the samples.  Wow-so beautiful!
These dies measure approx:
Faerie: 9.1cm x 14.7cm
Moon: 8.7cm x 8.9cm

TLD0035  Fantasy Castle Die  $18.00
I can think of lots of uses for a nice castle.
This die measures approx 7.9cm x 9.3cm.

TLD0036  Delicate Detail Magical Sparkles Die $10.75
Put this coming out the wizard's wand or with the moon fairy or the unicorn!
This die measures approx 6.8cm x 2.4cm.

TLD0037  Wondrous Wizard and Baby Dragon Dies $21.25
The samples made remind me of Dumbledore.
These dies measure approx:
Wizard: 8.1cm x 10.9cm
Dragon: 4.7cm x 5.5cm

TLD0038  Mystical Arch Die $16.00
Another die that is flat but creates dimension.  These are always fun to create with.
This die measures approx 8.8cm x 18.2cm.

USD1445  Delightful Unicorn Die  $16.00
There is something magical about this die.  Also, if you snip off the horn, I think he would be a beautiful horse.....
This die measures approx 9.7cm x 9.7cm.

ETL0026  Scene Stepper Card Die  $47.25
This makes a wonderful center stepper card.
This one was out of stock for a very long time.  My thoughts are it will sell out quickly and will not be brought back.  Please don't get mad at me if we miss out on this one-I will try my best.
These dies measure approx:
Frame: 28cm x 20cm
Rectangle 1-1: 0.5cm x 16.9cm
Rectangle 1-2: 1.3cm x 17.7cm
Rectangle 1-3: 2cm x 18.5cm
Rectangle 1-4: 2.8cm x 19.2cm
Rectangle 2-1: 1.4cm x 3.1cm
Rectangle 2-2: 2.2cm x 3.9cm
Rectangle 2-3: 2.9cm x 4.6cm
Rectangle 2-4: 3.7cm x 5.4cm
Rectangle 2-5: 4.4cm x 6.2cm
Rectangle 2-6: 5.2cm x 6.9cm
Rectangle 2-7: 5.9cm x 7.7cm
Rectangle 2-8: 6.7cm x 8.4cm
Rectangle 2-9: 7.5cm x 9.2cm
Rectangle 3-1: 8.9cm x 1cm
Rectangle 3-2: 9.7cm x 1.8cm
Rectangle 4-1: 2cm x 1cm
Rectangle 4-2: 2.8cm x 1.8cm
Oval 1-1: 1.6cm x 1cm
Oval 1-2: 2.8cm x 1.8cm
Oval 2-1: 5.5cm x 1cm
Oval 2-2: 9.7cm x 1.8cm
Tree 1: 3.2cm x 5.3cm
Tree 2: 5cm x 5cm
Silhouette 1: 4.9cm x 19.2cm
Silhouette 2: 2.2cm x 19.2cm
Silhouette 3: 1cm x 19.2cm

ETL0243 Easel Slider Card Die Set  $42.00
This is a easel card that has a slider pull tab!  Cool.  Again this one just got back in stock and will sell out quickly.  I will do my best...
These dies measure approx:
Mat 1-1: 1.9cm x 1.9cm
Mat 1-2: 2.9cm x 2.9cm
Mat 1-3: 3.7cm x 3.7cm
Mat 1-4: 4.6cm x 4.6cm
Mat 1-5: 5.6cm x 5.6cm
Mat 1-6: 6.8cm x 6.8cm
Mat 1-7: 8.1cm x 8.1cm
Mat 1-8: 9.3cm x 9.3cm
Mat 1-9: 10.6cm x 10.6cm
Mat 1-10: 12cm x 12cm
Mat 1-11: 13.3cm x 13.3cm
Mat 2-1: 2.2cm x 2cm
Mat 2-2: 3.2cm x 2.9cm
Mat 2-3: 4.2cm x 3.7cm
Mat 2-4: 5.3cm x 4.7cm
Mat 2-5: 6.4cm x 5.7cm
Mat 2-6: 7.7cm x 6.8cm
Mat 2-7: 9cm x 7.9cm
Mat 2-8: 10.3cm x 9.1cm
Mat 2-9: 11.6cm x 10.3cm
Mat 2-10: 13.3cm x 13.3cm
Mat 3: 11.9cm x 1cm
Base: 13.3cm x 28.7cm
Mini Base: 6.8cm x 14.6cm
Pull Here: 3.2cm x 0.7cm
It's Me: 1.7cm x 1.8cm
Hello: 3.9cm x 1.7cm
Well Done: 3.9cm x 0.8cm
Thinking of You: 3.4cm x 1.8cm
I Love You: 4.2cm x 1.3cm
Hi There: 4.2cm x 1.1cm
Boo: 3.4cm x 1.3cm
Surprise: 6.4cm x 1.3cm
Pull Me: 3.2cm x 0.8cm

ETL0594  Offset Side Stepper Card with Vintage Blooms CD-ROM  $47.25
This set includes this CD:
This is another set that I fear may run out.  But it is newly released so perhaps if it does run out more will be released.  Again there are a lot of dies in this set so the price is really a bargain.  Also, this one can be used for Valentine's day as well.
These dies measure approx:
Base: 29.1cm x 20.4cm
Mat 1-1: 1.1cm x 7cm
Mat 1-2: 1.9cm x 8cm
Mat 1-3: 2.8cm x 8.9cm
Mat 2-1: 0.8cm x 6.9cm
Mat 2-2: 1.5cm x 7.6cm
Mat 2-3: 2.2cm x 8.3cm
Mat 2-4: 2.9cm x 8.9cm
Mat 3: 13.6cm x 8.9cm
Mat 4-1: 2cm x 1.3cm
Mat 4-2: 3.3cm x 2.1cm
Mat 4-3: 4.6cm x 3cm
Mat 4-4: 6.1cm x 3.9cm
Mat 4-5: 7.6cm x 4.9cm
Mat 4-6: 9.3cm x 5.9cm
Mat 4-7: 11cm x 7cm
Mat 4-8: 12.9cm x 8.2cm
Oval Mat 1: 6.1cm x 8.3cm
Oval Mat 2: 6.8cm x 9cm
Heart Mat 1: 7.4cm x 7.4cm
Heart Mat 2: 8.1cm x 8.1cm
Floral Panel 1: 2.8cm x 9cm
Floral Panel 2: 5.5cm x 7.6cm
Floral Panel 3: 6.7cm x 6.7cm
Floral Border: 2.1cm x 13.6cm
Bow: 3.6cm x 8.6cm
Flowers 1: 1.6cm x 2.3cm
Flowers 2: 1cm x 1.6cm
Flowers 3: 3.1cm x 2.3cm
Flowers 4: 3.6cm x 5cm
Flower 1: 1cm x 1cm
Flower 2: 0.8cm x 0.8cm
Butterfly 1: 1.6cm x 1.8cm
Butterfly 2: 1.6cm x 2.2cm
Butterfly 3: 1.7cm x 1.7cm
With Love: 4.7cm x 1.3cm
Happy Birthday: 6.9cm x 1.5cm
Best Wishes: 5.8cm x 1.1cm
Congratulations: 7cm x 1.4cm

D1301+06  Melded Seasonal Symbol Die Set  $36.50
Ok, I know Christmas is over, but when I saw the cards made with this die, I knew I had to have one.  Since, I have to order at least two of these, I am hoping one of you wants one of these too  :)  Once these are gone, I am not sure if they will come back  :(
These dies measure approx:
Robin: 6.4cm x 9.1cm
Edge: 1.5cm x 7.3cm

MGD0036  Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 36  $14.00
I just love the magazines.  The die alone is worth the price so it is like getting the magazine for free.
Welcome to Issue 36. It is a very pretty issue this time, unashamedly full of lovely ladies, high heels, flowers, butterflies and more! You may have already noticed we have something very cute for you this month, and it is FREE! The Baby Fawn die is our free gift for you this month and is simply adorable. This super cute design is sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face. We have six projects
to inspire you!

We mentioned lovely ladies, well let us introduce you to Eliza, Mary and Florence, three beauties from the very glamorous Edwardian and Art Deco eras. They are simply stunning. Whilst we are on the subject of beautiful ladies, what goes with a fabulous frock? The perfect pair of killer heels! The Fancy High Heel projects are gloriously chic and will be a huge favorite.
Keeping with a touch of 'days gone by', the projects for the Vintage Toy Horse are delightfully irresistible with the lovely pastel palette and the Melded Vintage projects show different ways to get the most from a Melded die set. Try mixing up elements from all six projects to get a completely different look, then send me a photo!
The Windmill projects are absolutely fascinating, using interesting techniques that are definitely 'must have a go'! We also show you two ways to put the T-Bar Slider card together! As usual we bring you a 3D project and the Pencil Box filled with home made sweet treats or even pencils, is an easy gift to make (especially for a Teacher)!

Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 34  $14.00
We're so pleased to introduce you to the Tattered Lace Magazine Issue 34 and we want to talk to you straight away about the FREE gift. Her name is Evelyn and she is a typical, stunning Art Nouveau beauty. Surrounded by a delicate frame and sinuous tendrils of foliage, that evoke the era. The projects are just enchanting and we know you are going to love her.
The rest of the feature dies in this issue are not too shabby either! In fact, they are lovely! We showcase the Art Deco movement too with the Deco Chandelier, oooh the glamour, it just oozes! We have a soupcon of romance with the rather lovely Vintage Bride and Groom and then we turn it right around and present you with some of the 2016 Halloween Collection. This is so much fun with the Vampire Boy, the Skeleton Girl, the spooky Halloween House and the sensational Happy Halloween sentiment die.
The Laced Edge collection has been so popular and the ovals are no exception. Lacy, delicate and ever so pretty, the projects really are ones to attempt yourself at home. As is the Flourish Gateway, now these are absolutely splendid and you must try the concertina panel to create a nifty bit of kinetics! Don’t forget to have a peek at the Acorn cards, Autumn will be knocking on the door soon so open it up and embrace it. We've sneaked in another project with the Hedgerow and Butterflies, it is charming. We have a clever gift for a coffee lover and show you how to make a flower just using paper squares.
And of course as usual you will find the gorgeous FREE papers in the centre of the magazine and lots of fabulous offers and competitions!

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