Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Some More Items from Jen Long to Pre Order

Well, while I was exploring Jen Long's Christmas In Color Collection I discovered her Fold A Long dies.  Now I have seen these dies for a long time BUT I never realized how they pop out in the middle.  I love that!  One thing I have learned in my 35 years of card making, is that when you make a card for a non crafter, they are amazed with cards that are kinetic, or have motion.  They always oh and ahh, even if it is a simply made card.  These dies look super simple to make and I think people will enjoy receiving them.  Again, this is my Sizzix supplier who is not the most reliable so please don't get angry if they run out of a die and I couldn't get you one.  I really will try my best.   Plus you know I always try to make it up to you.  Now, you will notice that in the earlier die sets, Jen did not include any of the word or doo dad dies.  They are just plain.  If you see something you want, on the sample let me know and I will see if it is still available.  (Some of the items have already been retired :(  -  This is why I want to order these now.)  As Jen progressed with the line she started to include more accent dies...Yay...!  So make sure you look closely at what is included with each set so you will not be disappointed.  That is why I included pics of the dies themselves.

Email all preorders to Darlene at

First we will start out with a video from Jen showing how to use her dies:

660372  Fold-A-Long Jar Die Set  $16.50

660375  Fold-A-Long Ornate Die Set  $24.25

660373  Fold-A-Long Rounded Die Set  $16.50

660374   Fold-A-Long Ticket Die Set  $16.50

660665  Christmas Tree Fold-A-Long Card Die Set $16.50

660666   Happy Holidays Fold-A-Long Card Die Set  $16.50

660667  Ornament Fold-A-Long Card Die Set  $16.50

661136   Botanical Label Fold-A-Long Card Die Set  $16.50

661137   Fox Label Fold-A-Long Card Die Set  $16.50

661138  Owl Fold-A-Long Card Die Set  $16.50

I found a few samples:

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