Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tonic Studios Window Box

Hello friends.  I have Valerie to thank for suggesting I put these up for preorder.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  You can take the tabs out and mail these flat to the recipient.  Add your dies to decorate these.  I included samples below to give you some ideas.  Also, remember, you need to order the slit die if you order one of the window boxes!  Email all pre orders to

Here is a video showing how to use the dies.  Remember, videos will not go through emails.  You have to go to the blog to see the video :)

1560e Buttercup Sunburst Window Box Die Set  $18.00

1561e  Pretty Piazza Window Box Die Set  $18.00

1562e Naïve Niellia Window Box Die Set  $18.00

1563e Tangled Terrace Window Box Die Set  $18.00

1564e Window Box Slit Die Set  $6.00

Now to get you thinking about how you can use these great dies...

Now get creative:

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