Thursday, March 23, 2017

Who loves shaker cards?

Everyone!   Here is a preorder for shaker card fillers!  These are new and oh so much fun!

Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

TOP1031  Posies  $12.25

TOP1032  Fimo Fun  $10.75

TOP1033  Donuts  $10.75

TOP1034  Tiny Bubbles  $16.25

TOP1035  Pearlies Bright  $12.25

TOP1036  Pearlies Matte  $12.25

TOP1037  Candy Sprinkles  $16.25

TOP1038  Diamonds Pastel  $16.25

TOP1039  Diamonds Primary  $16.25

TOP1040  Baby Beads II  $12.25

TOP1041  Pops III  $12.25

TOP1042  Sequins III  $12.25

EN1161  Envy Collection Storage Trunk  $20.00
The perfect place to store all your shaker doo dads.  Trunk comes empty.  Fillers sold separately.


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