Thursday, April 20, 2017

Frantic Stamper Graduation and Father's Day Pre Order

Hello crafters.  Today is something that we usually all need-dies for man cards!  Hope you are all well and crafting.
Email all pre orders to Darlene at
FRA10105  Deckled Squares Die Set  $24.00
Create frames and card layers with a ragged edge. 
Sizes are 3.75", 3", 2.25", 1.5", and 0.75"

FRA10106  Deckled Circles Die Set  $18.00
Create frames and card layers with a ragged edge. 
Sizes are 3.25", 2.5", 1.75", and 1"

FRA10107  Deckled Ovals Die Set  $18.00
Create frames and card layers with a ragged edge.
Sizes are 3"x4", 2.25"x3", 1.5"x2", and 0.75"x1"

FRA10108  Deckled Rectangles Die Set  $24.00
Create frames and card layers with a ragged edge.
Sizes are 3.75"x5", 3"x4.25", 2.25"x3.5", 1.5"x2.75", and 0.75"x2"

FRA10151  Diamond Plate Card Panel Die  $24.00
The Frantic Stamper Card Panel dies measure 3.75" x 5", leaving you with a nice 1/4" border all around a standard size card.
This Diamond Plate design is perfect for grungy and masculine backgrounds, but also works well for more feminine and dainty looks.

FRA10152  Tag Builder Set #3 Die Set  $22.25
This fun and versatile set of 5 dies includes 2 standard tag shapes (2.5" x 4" and 2.6" x 1.625") along with a topper for each, and the words "To:" and "From:" which can be reverse-cut into the tag.

FRA10153  Pegboard Die  $18.00
Dad's tool shed isn't complete without this fun pegboard die measuring 3.25" x 3.25". It is sized perfectly to go along the "Small Hand Tools" die set (FRA10154) to showcase all of the tools, neatly organized. 
But this die isn't limited to just an accessory to the tools, it can also be used as a fun polka-dot background!

FRA10154  Small Hand Tools Die Set  $9.25
This set of 8 dies includes seven tools (hammer, pliers, wrench, saw, hand drill, etc) plus a die containing 3 brackets that perfectly fit the pegboard. This is a fun die set to create cards for the handyman in your family, and fantastic for Father's Day projects.
The largest die in the set is the hand saw, which measures 1.9" x 0.6".
The hammer die measures 1.3" x 0.5"
The hand drill die measures 0.7" x 1.9".

FRA10155  Large Hammer & Wrench  $8.25
This set of 2 dies is a perfect complement to the "Small Hand Tools" die set (FRA10154). In this set, you will find two larger tools: Hammer (measuring 1.25" x 3.5") and monkey wrench
(measuring 0.55" x 3")

FRA10156  Hardware Die Set  $5.50
This is a set of 2 dies. The first die comprises of 9 small screw heads, nuts and bolts. The second die cuts 3 different nail and screw shapes. These dies are perfect for tool related cards (Father's Day, etc) and also for steampunk themed projects.
Approx Sizes:
Nut Tops: 1/4" to 3/8"
Screws: 0.80" to 1"

FRA10157  Tape Measure Die  $6.50
No one measures up to you... Our tape measure die measures 2.625" x 1.625".  

FRA10158  Ruler Die  $11.75
This fun ruler die measures 1.1" x 6.375" and includes true-to-life measurement marks for a nice detail look.

FRA10159  Tool Box  Tool Box Die  $6.50
Dad's small tool box is perfectly sized to hold the "Small Hand Tools" (FRA10154). The tool box measures 2.125" x 1.875"

FRA10160  Large Bob's Old Truck Die Set  $11.75
Based on Fran's extremely popular "Bob's Old Truck" die (FRA9487) released a couple of years ago, she drew up a larger version, with more detailed pieces to assemble. This new version measures 3.75" x 1.625". Fill the pick-up bed with all sorts of goodies, or color it up in your choice of retro colors!

FRA10161  You Rule! Die  $4.75
This fun little die says it all: you rule! It measures in at 1.3" x 1.1". Perfect for thank you cards, graduation, or just to express how awesome someone is.

FRA10162  You Did It Die  $8.25
You Did It, measures 1.875" x 2.55". Great for graduation or other congratulatory or achievement cards.

FRA10163  Vertical Congrats Die  $5.50
Another great die for congratulatory cards. The vertical "congrats" measures 0.5" x 3.75".

FRA10164  Sky's The Limit Die  $11.00
A perfect sentiment die for graduation cards and layouts!
Die measures 2.75" x 2.5"

FRA10165  Soaring Paper Airplane Die Set  $8.25
Set of 4 dies includes 2 stitched clouds (the largest measuring 1.875" x 1.1"), a fun paper airplane (1.375" x 1") and a dotted trail to be used to mark the path of the airplane.

FRA10166 Mortarboard Die Set  $10.00
This 3-part mortarboard assembles to 3.75" x 1.625". This die is a must for all your graduation cards! Try it with our Fringe and Tassel Maker die (FRA10167) for a super fun dimensional look. 

FRA10167  Fringe and Tassel Maker Die Set  $19.75
The Fringe and Tassel Maker die contains 2 parts: Fringe (4.5" x 2.25") and a small strip used to wrap around the rolled up fringe when creating a tassel. 
Use it either to make a tassel (super easy, simply roll up the fringe tightly while applying glue to the solid part, and finish off by wrapping the solid rectangle around the tassel for a finished look). The other use for this die is simply to create fun fringe borders! If the fringe is too long for your project, simply cut off the excess to your desired length.

FRA10168  Big Car Die Set  $26.00
This is an absolutely AWESOME die set. It contains two dies: the car body, and parts. The car body can be either a front facing or rear facing car depending on the accessories you attach. For example, add the grill and headlights, steering wheel and presto, you have a forward facing car. Or, add a bumper, license plate, tail lights, and you have a rear facing car!
This is a super fun die for all sorts of themes: Father's Day, New Car, Graduation, Road Trip, and so much more!
2 dies cut all the shapes you need
Sizes: 4.0" x 2.25" each

FRAS068  Clear Stamp Set - Tool Time Sentiments  $13.50
A 4"x6" set of clear stamps, made of the highest quality, non-yellowing polymer.

FRAS069  Clear Stamp Set - You Did It!  $13.50
A 4"x6" set of clear stamps, made of the highest quality, non-yellowing polymer.


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