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Tattered Lace Pre Order. Need all orders by Sunday AM Please

So I think most of you know the Tattered Lace Drill.  I offer these items quickly and place an order as fast as I can in hopes that I get the items for you.  Tattered Lace retires their items quickly and if you don't make the initial order it is unlikely I can get the item for you.  Several of you (myself included) have not gotten some dies we really wanted, even when we did make the initial order....that is why I place the orders quickly.  Also, if Tattered Lace runs out, I keep checking with them as well as other sources I have, to try and find you the die you wanted. 
Please email all orders to Darlene at
I respond to all emails within 24 hours.
Now Lets take a look, shall we?

DIG0070  Click, Print, Go! Classic Art Deco CD-ROM  $16.50
CD ROMS mean you never run out of the designs and are much easier to store then paper!
This CD-ROM is packed full of artwork to use in conjunction with your Classic Art Deco Die Collection!
With Backgrounds and Scenes from the fabulous Deco era these patterns are perfect to use on all Art Deco papercraft projects.
Each design has been created for maximum versatility among your crafty stash and will work for matting and layering, die cutting and much more...

MED0071  Tattered Lace Classic Deco Paper Pack  $11.00
Don't want to bother printing items out?  Then try the paper pack!
The Tattered Lace Art Deco Classics Paper Pack includes 8 different background designs; these feature cityscapes, deco cars, printed backgrounds, sky scenes and more.
Use these alongside the dies in the Tattered Lace Deco Collection to create stunning Art Deco themed projects!

MED0107  Tattered Lace Mystical Collection Charisma Paper Pad  $11.00
Are you like me and got these dies but couldn't color them as nicely as you wanted to?  Here is the solution.  A paper pad that you can line your die over and cut!  AWESOME!
This magnificent Mystical Collection Charisma Pad features 28 sheets in 7 charisma designs featuring various designs including Wondrous Wizardry, Baby Dragon, Fantasy Castle, Delightful Unicorn, Moonbeam, Faerie Wishes and Mystical Arch.
Didn't get the dies?  That's ok..cut the papers by hand.

MED0108  Mystical Collection Scene Paper Pad  $11.00
This magnificent Mystical Collection Scene Pad features 32 sheets in 8 designs featuring various scenes including two different toadstool forest designs, a misty and twisted forest clearing, an icy mystical garden, two different Wizard's laboratory scenes and a Raven mid-flight.
These are beautiful backdrops for many dies you may already have.

TLD0207  Retriever Die  $16.50
This die measures approx 9.7cm x 9.8cm.
Who doesn't love a retriever?  I think this die looks like a Golden more than a Lab.

TLD0266  Art Deco Architectural  $33.25
The Tattered Lace Art Deco Architectural Die features an arched window with a cityscape scene and a decorative window bottom with an abstract deco design. This die could be colored in different ways or used alongside the Craft Lights to create the look of lit windows at night time
This die measures approx 12.5cm x 12.4cm.

TLD0267  Art Deco Archway Die  $27.75
This die measures approx 8.9cm x 12.2cm.
The Tattered Lace Art Deco Archway die features an archway with a decorative fenced panel and a beautiful outdoor scene inside,This die could be used as a main focal piece and simply used with a sentiment or Use alongside many other coordinating dies in the Tattered Lace Art Deco Collection to create a complete Art Deco Collection.

TLD0268  Art Deco Cocktail Hour Dies  $36.50
These dies measure approx:
Standing Lady: 5.9cm x 12.9cm
Sitting Lady: 7.9cm x 12.9cm
This Tattered Lace die features two Art Deco ladies in stunning draped gowns. One of the ladies is seated holding an umbrella and the other lady is stood holding a fan. These dies can be used together or separately for different projects. Great for cards, invitations and party décor for dinner and cocktail parties, snip into the design cut away the umbrella to create an outdoor or indoor scene.

TLD0269  Art Deco Daphne  $25.50
This die measures approx 8.3cm x 11.7cm.
This Tattered Lace Art Deco Daphne Die features a glamourous lady in a seated position with a feather headdress and draped gown with cut out detailing. This die could be used alongside the Tattered Lace Art Deco seat die or with a range of other coordinating dies and backgrounds to add her into many different scenes.

TLD0270  Art Deco Molly Die  $25.50
This die measures approx 5.4cm x 14.7cm.
The Tattered Lace Art Deco Molly Die features a stunning lady in a fancy gown with swirl cut out detailing across the bodice. This die would look great backed onto different colored, patterned or glittery card to have a design showing through for a two toned look. This die can be used alongside the brand new Tattered Lace Art Deco Molly and Daphne dies. This die would suit a wide range of coordinating background scenes or simply use as the main focal piece with a wide variety of sentiments.

TLD0271  Art Deco Seat Die  $25.50
This die measures approx 11.1cm x 11.6cm.
The Tattered Lace Art Deco Seat die features a decorative stool with a fancy cushion and window and vase detail. Use alongside the Tattered Lace Daphne and Cocktail Hour dies which feature seated ladies to create a complete Art Deco background scene. This die is very versatile and could be used for many occasions and alongside different sentiments to suit different projects.

TLD0272  Art Deco Telephone and Table Die $25.50
This die measures approx 7.6cm x 16.2cm.
The Tattered Lace Telephone and Table die features an indoor scene of an old fashioned telephone placed upon a table. Use alongside many coordinating dies to create a background scene. This die would look great placed inside of a rectangle aperture. Perfect for Birthdays, Dinner Parties, Thank Yous, Celebratory Occasions, 1920/30's themes and so many more

TLD0273  Art Deco Violet Die  $25.50
This die measures approx 7.1cm x 13.6cm.
The brand new Tattered Lace Art Deco Violet die features a glamourous lady in a draped gown and feather headdress with intricate cut out detailing to add a stunning glamourous feel to crafting projects. This die could be suited to a wide range of occasions from Birthdays to Thank Yous, Best Wishes, Congratulations, Anniversaries and more. Perfect for party or dinner party themes like The Great Gatsby, 1920/30's, Art Deco and more.

TLD0278  Classic Cocktail Glass Die  $16.50
This die measures approx 6.3cm x 9.9cm.
The Tattered Lace Art Deco Classic Crystal Cocktail Glass die features a decorative design with cut out detailing. This die makes a great focal piece and would look great on cards, invitations and decor for dinner/cocktail parties and other celebratory party occasions like Birthdays.

TLD0295  Art Deco Classic Daisy Die  $14.50
This die measures approx 3.1cm x 12.3cm.
Lovely and elegant.

TLD0296   Art Deco Classic Iris Die  $14.50
This die measures approx 5.9cm x 13.5cm.
The Tattered Lace Art Deco Classic iris die would suit a wide range of occasions including Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Best Wishes and so many more. Mix and match this die with others in the collection to create different looks or simply add a long side a Tattered Lace sentiments Die.

TLD0306  Floral Happy Birthday Die  $16.50
This die measures approx 11.5cm x 7.1cm.
The Tattered Lace Floral Happy Birthday sentiment die comes in fancy script adding an extra special touch, Use this die on a wide range of paper crafts including cards, gifts, gift tags, gift boxes, party décor and more. Snip into the design to use the words singly for different projects, Makes a great focal points and can be paired with many coordinating dies.

BDL0163  Melded Lamplight  $38.50
 These dies measure approx:
Lamp: 6.2cm x 11.5cm
Edge: 4.4cm x 11.2cm
I figured I better offer this one before it is too late.  I just like how it looks....

ETL0168  Little City Die  $14.50
This die measures approx 7.8cm x 7.3cm.
This die is marked as discontinued already.  So when it sells out it is gone.

ETL0320  Out for a Stroll Emma and Perdy  Die Set  $27.75
These dies measure approx:
Emma: 7.5cm x 12cm
Perdy: 4.8cm x 4.1cm
I predict that this will be the hard to get die for this order......

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