Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Karen Burniston Pre Order

So when I learned that Karen Burniston had left Elizabeth Crafts, I went, "Oh no.  Where did she go?  Is she still going to make stuff? She makes the best movable and kinetic die sets!"   Well Karen has gone into business for herself and I have her new items for sale!  YAY!!!  The neat thing is Karen has made instructional videos for all her die sets!  I cannot put all the videos to her dies on this blog posting or blogger will give me fits for sure.  HERE is a link to her You Tube Channel if you want to see how a die set works.

Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

1001 Woodland Animals Die Set  $12.25
Sweet little animals....

1002 Word Set 1 Greetings  $8.25

1003 Word Set 2 Birthday  $8.25

1004 Birthday Charms Die Set  $7.50
I have a feeling a lot more charms are coming....

1005 Tree Pop-up Die Set  $18.75
Love the little swing that you can attach!

1006 Nature Edges Die Set  $13.25

1007 Charm Accordion Die Set  $23.50
How sweet are those little charms that dangle?  Karen calls this card a miniature card.  I love the size of it!

1008 Cupcake Pop-Up Die Set  $16.25

1009 Twist Panel Pop-Up  $23.50
You have to watch the video to see how this card unfolds and opens!

1010 Flower Pot Pop-Up Die Set  $20.25
For all of you who missed the original flower pot.....Now you have your chance!

1011 Katherine Label Pop-Up  $18.00
First you see the image in the window then it lifts up!

1012 Snowman Twist Card Die Set  $18.75
I have always loved this rolling snowman card.  I am so glad Karen finally made it in a die set.

Some Samples to Inspire!

Remember to email all pre orders to Darlene at

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