Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Groovi Items For Pre Order!

Hello friends.  Today we have some new Groovi plates to preorder!  I love the Groovi parchment system.  You literally take your stylus and trace the plate underneath.  It is so easy - if you go out of the lines, it doesn't even show.  Then you can color or pierce or layer designs....SO many possibilities.  I can still get you the older Groovi items.  A great place to start is the starter kit.  There are several instructional videos on the internet.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please email all preorders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

ACC30352  Clarity Lightwave Light Panel A4   $75.00
(This is not in stock with my supplier yet but they are taking orders)
I am fortunate to have a Lightwave now.  There are a few things I want you to know.  First it has to be plugged in to work so you need an outlet.  Also, it has a cord that goes to the pad on one end and a USB port on the other....the plug included isn't compatible to USA outlets!  You can  plug the USB end into a plug adaptor. Like the apple plug which is what I did.  I do like it and it will be great with my crafting projects!
This super-bright light panel is ideal for: Embossing, Parchment, Sewing Projects, Stenciling, Stained Glass, Scrapbooking, Calligraphy, Sketching and Drawing and weeding vinyl projects.
Super-bright, energy efficient, flicker-free LED lamps
Provides a perfectly even surface with adjustable illumination
Lightweight, ultra-thin profile for easy portability
5V with USB connectivity
Adjustable brightness
Working area size: 12.7" x 9"
Total area size (including frame): 14.25" x 10.6"
Weight: 1.4lbs (2.15lb with packaging).

Here is a quick video showing the clarity Lightwave!  ( I can still get you the Disney dies)
The book she is referring to is below.

ACCBO30527  Clarity Groovi Parchment Perforating Guide  $13.50

GRO40069  Lily Border Plate  $8.75

GRO40070  Douglas Border Plate  $8.75

GRO40106  Ivy Wreath A5 Square Plate  $8.25

GRO40224   Textures A5 Square Plate  $8.25

GRO40346  Branches A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate  $5.25

GRO40383 Diagonal Basic Groovi Border Piercing Grid  $12.25 

GRO40437  Groovi Sticker Tabs  $3.50
Reusable, repositionable sticker tabs for holding your parchment in place while you work. 16 stickers.
Size: 2" x 1"

GRO40515  Treescape A5 Square Groovi Plate  $8.25

GRO40552  Octagon Extension and Art Deco Alphabet A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.25

GRO40598  Thank You Framer A6 Groovi Plate  $6.25

GRO40599  Noel Framer A6 Groovi Plate   $6.25

GRO40603  Groovi Translucent White Super Foam (A4)  $10.25
Piercing and parching mat (0.4" thickness). Ideal for use with the Groovi system. Use with the Clarity Lightwave and Clarity piercing tools.
Size 8.27" × 11.69".

GRO40608   Peace 'C' Frame A6 Plate  $6.25

GRO40614  Country Hillside A5 Square Groovi Plate $8.25

GRO40623  Spacer 1 Groovi Spacer Plate  $4.25
This Groovi Spacer Plate enables you to use A6 Groovi Plates with your A5 Square Groovi Plate Mate.

GRO40632  Tina's Floral Swirls and Corners 1 Plate  $15.25

GRO40633  Tina's Floral Swirls and Corners 2 Plate  $15.25

GRO40656  Fairytale Castle A5 Groovi Plate   $11.25

GRO40662  Tina's Henna Corners 1 A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.25

GRO40663  Tina's Henna Corners 2 A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.25

GRO40672  Landscapes and  Skylines A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.25

GRO40678   Walls for the Winds Plate  $15.25

GRO40691   Jayne's Letter to Santa Plate  $11.25

GRO40695  Jayne's Postcard Framer A5 Groovi Plate   $11.25

GRO40696  Tina's Christmas Corners 1 A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.25

GRO40697  Tina's Christmas Corners 2 A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.25

If you want to begin the Groovi system, a great thing to start with is the Groovi Starter Kit and a few plates that you love.  Here is the starter kit:
Groovi Plate Starter Kit $44.25 
Start your journey with Groovi with this kit that includes everything you need to start creating parchment craft cards!
The Groovi Range has been created by Claritystamp Ltd to make the art of Parchment Craft accessible to everyone. Parchment Craft is a beautiful art form, that traditionally requires great skill, time and patience. Clarity have developed an upbeat, groovy range of tools and designs which will inspire and enable everybody to get in the groove.
This kit comes with everything you need to get started. The kit includes the base plate that allows you to fit other templates inside to hold the templates in place.
Starter kit includes:
1 x  8.26" x 11.70" Groovi Plate Mate
2 x 5.83" x 5.83" Groovi Plates
1 x 8.66" x 11.80" Groovi Mat
2 x Embossing Tools 0.8mm - 1.3mm & 2.0mm - 2.8mm
20 x A5 Groovi Parchment Paper
Groovi Plate(GP)
Intricate and clever designs have been laser etched with precision into top quality acrylic plates, thereby allowing you to get in the groove with a specifically made-to-measure embossing tool, and effortlessly follow the design path through parchment. The end result is quick, crisp and clean. For best results from the Groovi Plates and Groovi Plate Mate, use the 0.8mm - 1.3mm embossing tool.

Also don't forget to keep checking DPC3 HERE  It is updated frequently with new items and reduced prices!  Here is a sampling of some goodies that are available at the moment....

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