Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Impression Obsession Pre Order!

Hello everyone!  I am still taking orders for the Sue Wilson items that you can see HERE.  Today are some new things from Impression Obsession.  If there is something you want from Impression Obsession that is not shown, just email me and I will try my best to get it for you.

Please email all pre orders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

G2537  Kitty Under Covers Cling Rubber Stamp  $7.25

C17149  Tried to Behave Cling Stamp  $4.50

H2543  Star Owl Cling Stamp  $7.75

H2545 Snow Birds Cling Stamp  $7.75

G2546  Winter Moose Stamp  $7.25

3189-LG  Holiday Words Cling Stamp Set  $12.25

H4343 Silent Night Cling Stamp Set  $7.75

D7893 Candy Corn Puppy Cling Stamp  $5.25

D7898 Black Arched Cat Cling Stamp  $5.25

H13581 Frenchie Cling Stamp  $7.75

L13589 Bethlehem Cling Stamp  $9.25

C13599  So Grateful Cling Stamp  $4.75

C13605 Peace Cling Stamp  $4.75

D13606 Merry Christmas Cling Stamp  $5.25

E13614 Peace Ornament Cling Stamp  $6.00

D14680 When Cling Stamp  $5.25

H16316 Ornament Basket Cling Stamp  $7.75

H16322 Holiday Teapot Cling Stamp  $7.75

J16328 Fall Pumpkins Cling Stamp  $8.25

D17203  Plot Twist Cling Stamp  $5.25

E17207 Life Is Better Cling Stamp  $6.00

D17208  Kneel Cling Stamp  $5.25

D17210  I Didn't Do It Cling Stamp  $5.25

D17218 Sassy Pants Cling Stamp  $5.25

D19599  Magic In The Night Cling Stamp  $5.25

D19643  Snowflake Kisses Cling Stamp  $5.25

D19654 Holly Joy Cling Stamp  $5.25

D19665 Be Merry Cling Stamp  $5.25

WP771 Baby Giraffe Cling Stamp Set  $14.75
(Also Has Matching Die Set DIE569-YY  $20.25)

DIE585-Y  European Buildings Die  $14.75

DIE588-Y  Halloween Scene Die  $14.75

DIE591-P  Santa Moon 2 Die Set $9.50

DIE592-Y  Witch Line Die  $14.75

DIE596-V  Celebrate Frame 6 Die Set  $12.25

DIE597-V Joy Frame 2 Die Set  $12.25

DIE598-V  Peace Frame 4 Die Set  $12.25

DIE599-B  Tis the Season Die $4.00

DIE603-YY  Gift Card Foldover 2 Die Set  $20.25

DIE604-XX  Gift Card Pocket 2 Die Set  $26.00

DIE605-Z  Snowfall Die  $15.50

Please remember to check out DPC3 here for surplus and sale items such as:

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