Monday, September 4, 2017

Tonic Studios Pre Order

Hello friends.  Several of you wanted some items from my last Tonic Studios Release (which you can see HERE), So I am doing another pre order so I can place another order.  Feel free to request any Tonic Studios product and I will try to get it for you.  Email all pre orders to Darlene at

1817e Christmas Cracker Treat Box Die Set  $35.50

749e Marquee Box Die Set  $26.00

766e Hillingdon Die Set   $32.25

765e Kings Cross Die Set  $32.25

1650E Cake Slice Box Die Set  $20.25

Next are the Stepper Card sets.  Please watch the video to see how these work!

1426E  Embossing Folder Needed for Stepper Card Dies  $10.75

1427E  Horseshoe Arch Stepper Die Set  $14.00

1428E  Horseshoe Arch Stepper Card Die Set  $14.00

 1776e Modern Merry Christmas Die Set  $3.50

1775e Tall Merry Christmas Die  $3.50

1774e Wave Merry Christmas Die  $3.50

1682E  Attraction Upper Case Simple Type Die  $10.75

1681E  Attraction Lower Case Simple Type Die  $10.75

1683e Attraction Numerals Simple Type Die  $10.75

1685e Postal Upper Case Simple Type Die  $10.75

1684e Postal Lower Case Simple Type Die  $10.75

1686e Postal Numerals Simple Type Die  $10.75

1688e Windsor Upper Case Simple Type Die  $10.75

1687e Windsor Lower Case Simple Type Die  $10.75

1689e Windsor Numerals Simple Type Die  $10.75

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