Friday, February 23, 2018

Birch Press Design Pre Order

Well the verdict is in and the Birch Press Layering dies are a hit.  I cannot believe how many of you emailed me to say you really like these die sets. is another preorder!   Please email all preorders to Darlene at

Flutter Plate Layering Die Set  $58.00

Fiori Egg Layer Die Set  $35.50

Stitched Egg Die Set  $17.25
(I added this one because I think that is how they got the stitched outline on the picture above)

Spring Blessings Stamp Set  $12.25
(added this one too as it was shown in the above samples)

Spring Blessings Die Set  $10.00
Just in case you want the dies that go with the stamp set.

Peony Bloom Layering Die Set  $58.00

Fiori Heart Layer Die Set  $35.50
(This is the newer heart-not the Caprice one)

Sending Love Stamp Set  $12.25

Sending Love Die Set  $10.00
(Goes with Sending Love Stamp Set )

Dutchpapercrafts3 is finally catching on!  I have worked really hard to promote this site.  I have it because it contains items that are hard for me to get or they may sell out from the companies before I can get a preorder done.  There are some really nice items on DPC3.  Check it out HERE to see the following items that were just added:

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