Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Crafter's Companion Pre Order

Hello everyone.  Here are some new items from Crafter's Companion.  Please email all preorders to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

The first six dies have a lot of versatility.  The main image is cut in half, so to speak, and you can either have a simple image or use the  more elaborate die to cut and emboss.  These dies are made to cut into the paper.   Some of the sets have images that lift up to give that added dimension.  Plus you get extra dies to layer or accentuate the image.  Now that is a lot of creative possibilities!
Love Is In The Air Die Set  $24.25

 (like the shadow box effect)

 (Hope they light this up!)
 (This one shows just the simple frame cut out.)

 (I like how they used the accessory dies in this one.)

 (See those petals just lift up!)

 (Using a gatefold-great idea!)

(See how they layered with the accessory dies?)

nice gift...

Feathered Friends Die Set  $24.25

 (Everyone loves a shaker card)

Looks great colored in.

Just the simpler die used in this one.  Gives it an entirely different look.

Nice box.

Pretty Gatefold card.

Dioramas are always fun.  I would include a light with this one.

Pastels are pretty.

Flutterby Die Set  $24.25

 Like how they added color with the accessory dies

 Lots of butterflies!

Easel cards are so great.

Makes a pretty condolence card.

 Another Diorama.
 A box in a card.  Great idea!!

Just the plain frame.  I like this frame.

Hallelujah Die Set  $24.25

 I immediately thought this set could crossover to Christmas!

 Love that they added decoupage.

Another nice shaker card.

 I see Christmas in this one too.  But I see Christmas in everything  LOL!

Oh! clever use of half the set!

 I like the slight stenciled in color.

 An off kilter shaker card.  I like it!

 Sarah must have told her design team to make boxes...LOL

Whatever this is called-it is gorgeous!!!

Scenic Village Die Set  $24.25

Look at the frame you can make!

Another Box  :)

Clever stepper card!


 Hey, the butterflies came over to this card...

Easel card-always a favorite!

look at the little grove of trees made with the accessory die!

We do we give cards to people who are going on a trip?  In my head I am thinking they should be sending us the cards....because we went nowhere!  lol

Spring Garden Die Set  $24.25

 another diorama..so nice but needs a light  :)

 A swing card!


even simple is pretty...

Next are some of my favorites.  Border dies.  Everyone can use these kind with the words.

 Friends Like You Edge'able Die  $10.75

This is a lovely sentiment.

Another great easel card.

Happily Ever After Edge'able Die  $10.75

I like it going across the card like this.

Looks great on the side of a card too!

This is a nice simple Easel card.

Happy Birthday To You Edge'able Die  $10.75

Double Easel card.  Nice!

Everyone can use birthday card items....

The Best Of Luck Edge'able Die  $10.75


Simple and clean.

Love that foil paper.

Thank You So Very Much Edge'able Die  $10.75

Superb bag!

Please remember to check out DPC3 HERE
Wow has DPC3 been busy....If you are waiting for me to get back to you, I should within the next day.  I am going through orders in order to make sure the customers who bought the item first are getting it.  Thank you so much everyone for the business.
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