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Frantic Stamper Pre Order

Hello friends.  So many new things came out at once, that I kept pushing back the Frantic Stamper release.  I am sorry about that.  I know many of you have been patiently waiting...  So here we go.  A lot of these samples have older Frantic Stamper dies in them.  Just let me know if you want me to get you any of them.
Please email all preorders to

FRA10383  Spring Scene Edger Die  $10.00
This sweet Spring Scene edger die measures 5.5" x 1.25". With darling bunnies, and a little chick, this border die will add a touch of whimsy to your Easter cards. 

FRA10384  Cracked Egg Die Set  $10.00
Crack open a chocolate egg, it's Easter time! This fun 2-part cracked egg die is sized to fit our Vintage Bunny (FRA10385), Vintage Duckling (FRA10386), and Vintage Chick (FRA10387). The die is hollow to make it easy to position on patterend paper for an easy decorated egg, too!
Approx. sizes:
Egg bottom: 2.125" x 1.75"
Egg top: 2" x 1.2"

FRA10385  Vintage Bunny Die  $6.75
The sweet Vintage Bunny die measures 1.7" x 2.75". The Easter Bunny is sized to go with the Vintage Basket and Eggs die (FRA10388) and the Carrots Set (FRA10389).

FRA10386  Vintage Duckling Die  $7.50
The darling Vintage Duckling die measures 2" x 2.625". A perfect addition to all your Easter projects.

FRA10387  Vintage Chick Die  $9.25
The Vintage Chick die measures 2.2" x 2.5", and includes a bonnet die to dress up your chick. The bonnet can also fit the Vintage Bunny (FRA10385)

FRA10388  Vintage Basket and Eggs Die Set  $6.75
The Vintage Basket and Eggs die includes 7 pieces. The set includes extra eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, as well as tiny flowers and blades of grass.
Approx. sizes:
Basket: 1.55" x 1.6"
Eggs: 1.15" x 0.8"

FRA10389  Carrot Die Set  $5.25
The Carrot Set of dies includes 3 sizes of carrot and 3 interchangeable carrot tops. The largest carrot measures 0.5" x 2" assembled.

FRA10390  Rainy Day Necessities Die Set  $11.50
The Rainy Day Necessities die set includes both a left and a right rain boot, along with an umbrella. The boots measure 1.2" x 1.75" each, and the umbrella die measures 2.25" x 2.9" assembled.
Try the Rainy Days clear stamp set (FRAS087) for coordinating images and sentiments.

FRA10391  Cuddly Bunny Die Set  $19.50
The Cuddly Bunny die set contains 21 pieces to create a cute bunny in several poses. Mix and match the parts (ears, arms, etc) to customize your Easter bunny!
Depending on the pose you choose, your bunny will measure approx. 1.75" x 3".

FRA10392  Modern Wreath Die Set  $12.25
The Modern Wreath die features a leafy pattern wreath measuring 3" in diameter. You also get a mod bow measuring 1.5" x 0.9".

FRA10393  Elegant Happy Spring Easter Words Die Set  $11.50
This set of 3 dies includes the words Happy (1.875" x 1"), Spring (2.375" x 1.125"), and Easter (2.5" x 1.125"), all done in our popular elegant font. Mix and match with some of Fran's other "Elegant" words to create such phrases as "Easter Blessings"

FRAS088  Easter Greetings Clear Stamp Set  $16.25
The Easter Greetings is a 4"x8" set of clear stamps, made of the highest quality, non-yellowing polymer.
This stamp set contains 20 stamps including a variety of Easter words and phases, along with cute baby animals and a large elegant Easter word.
Approx. size of Hoppy Easter stamp: 1.75" x 1.25".
Use the matching Easter Greetings Stamp Matchers die set to cut the little animals perfectly (FRA10397)

FRA10397  Easter Greetings Stamp Matching Die Set  $16.25
The Easter Greetings Stamp Matchers die set is designed to cut the images from the Easter Greetings clear stamp set (FRAS088). The set of 8 dies includes pieces to cut the little animals, basket, eggs, umprella and the "Hoppy Easter" sentiment.

FRA10398  Sentiments and Labels Strips Die Set  $24.25
Fran is excited to bring you this all-inclusive set of Sentiment Labels and Strips dies.
This set contains 7 dies in a variety of shapes to frame your stamped sentiments. With the variety of sizes and shapes, you're sure to turn to this set over and over again!
Approx. sizes:
Stitched Oval label: 3.625" x 1.125"
Stitched scalloped circle label: 2.25" in diameter
Longest "torn" washi strip: 4.25" x 0.8"
Uneven fishtail strip: 4.8" x 0.875" 

FRA10382  Bonnet Basket Treat Cup Die Set  $24.25
This super fun set of 8 dies includes all the pieces you need to decorate a 2oz condiment cup (sold separately: FRATREAT) to create fun party favors. Make a bonnet using the doily as a brim, the "straw" look circle, and the little decorations. Or, make a basket by turning the cup right side up, and adding the handle which you will need to cut down to your desired size.
But don't limit yourself to bonnets and baskets! Oh no, this die set can do much more. First, the "handle" die is sized to work as a border die. The doily die is great to use as a base for a stamped sentiment. And, the flower, leaf and bows, all can be used to adorn any Spring project.
Approx. sizes:
Doily: 3.5" diameter
Woven circle: 1.75" diameter
Handle: 5.5" x 0.4"
Largest bow: 0.875" x 1"
Daisy: 0.9"

FRATREAT  2oz Clear Treat Cups with lids $2.75 
Use with Bonnet Basket Treat Cup die set (FRA10382).

FRAS087  Rainy Days Clear Stamp Set  $16.25
Rainy Days is a 4"x8" set of clear stamps, made of the highest quality, non-yellowing polymer.
This stamp set contains 14 stamps including a variety of rain related sentiments, along with a pair of galoshes and an umbrella. We also included little flowers to adorn the boots or to use for creating a Spring background.
The Rainy Days clear stamp set is a great companion to the Rainy Day Necessities die set (FRA10390)

FRAS089  Faithful Thoughts Clear Stamp Set  $16.25
Faithful Thoughts is a 4"x8" set of clear stamps, made of the highest quality, non-yellowing polymer.
This stamp set contains 12 stamps to create faith-based projects for Easter.
The Crosses on the Hill stamp measures approximately 4.75" x 1.8".
Sentiments include: He is Risen, Celebrate the Sonrise, Hallelujah and more.

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