Friday, February 2, 2018

Karen Burniston Pre Order

Here are 18 new dies from the amazing Karen Burniston.  Her pop up cards are just the best!  Now Karen has made some great videos showing her products and I will provide links to these videos so you can watch how she makes her cards.  But make sure to come back to me to place your order  :)  Karen's videos show samples and give tons of tips and tricks.  I warn you though, once you watch the videos you will want the die sets!!
I can get you any of the older Karen Burniston items if you missed them in previous orders .
Please email all pre orders to
Thank you for your business.

 1028 Cake Pop-Up Die Set  $22.75

 1029 Cake Trims Die Set  $10.75
Note that the sample picture says this is die 1039 but really is 1029-so be careful when ordering  :)
Samples of the trim can be seen in the Cake Pop-Up video.

1030 Happy Birthday Die  $8.25
You can see samples of this die in the Cake Pop-Up video.

1031 Numbers Die Set  $11.50
Karen shows in the Cake Pop Up Video how to use these numbers with the cake Pop-Up die set.

1032 Happily Ever After Die  $8.25
A sample of this die is shown in the Cake Pop-Up video

1033 Castle Pop-Up Die Set  $22.00
The little draw bridge is so stinkin cute!

1034 Word Set 5-Royalty  $13.00

1035 Knight and Dragon Die Set  $12.25

1036 Princess And Mermaid Die Set  $12.25

1037 Sea Animals Die Set  $12.25

1038 Tropical Scene Die Set  $13.00

1039 Palm Tree Pop-Up Die Set  $19.50

1040 Coffee Cup Pop-Up Die Set  $19.50

1041 Coffee Charms Die Set  $8.25

1042 Spinner Square Pop-Up Die Set  $18.75

1043  Fancy Label Accordion Die Set  $20.25

1044 Fancy Flourish Frames Die Set  $10.75
Goes with die set 1043 Fancy Label Accordion

1045 Outdoor Scene Die Set  $13.25

Please remember to keep checking out DPC3 HERE as prices have been dropped and new items have been added such as:

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