Wednesday, February 14, 2018

New Marianne Items To Pre Order

Hello friends.  Here is the latest goodies from Marianne.  Such lovely items.  Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

 COL1445  Sewing Crafts Die Set  $13.50
For all your handmade projects.
This set of dies is perfect for the crafter, including craft supplies such as scissors, a spool of thread, thread cards, handy tags and more. 8 pcs

COL1446  Kangaroo and Baby Die Set  $14.50

COL1447  Zebra/Donkey Die Set  $14.50

COL1448  Koala and Baby Die Set  $14.50

CR1430  Round Succulents Die Set  $10.25

CR1431  Pointed Succulents Die Set  $10.25

CR1432  Herbs and Leaves Die Set  $11.50

DF3445  Japanese Star Embossing Folder  $8.25
5.5 x 5.5 inches

DF3446  Blossom 3D Embossing Folder  $8.25
5.5 x 5.5 inches

EC0166  Crafts Stamps 1 Stamp Set  $8.25

Craft Stamps 2 Stamp Set  $8.25

EC0168  Eline's Elephant Stamp Set  $7.25

EC0169  Eline's Giraffe Stamp Set  $7.25

EC0170  Eline's Zebra/Donkey Stamp Set  $7.25

EWK1254  Herbs and Leaves 1 Cutting Sheet  $1.00

EWK1255  Herbs and Leaves 2 Cutting Sheet  $1.00

LR0510  Strawberries Die Set  $8.25

LR0511  Petra's Special Circle Die Set  $24.25

LR0512  Apple Blossom Die Set  $10.25

MB0172  Needlework Cutting Sheet  $1.00

PB7054  Crafty Patterns Paper Block  $5.25
This paper block includes 32 pages A5 size: 4 x 8 designs. 5.83 x 8.27 in

PK9152  Herbs and Leaves Paper Block  $5.25
Can be perfectly combined with the sheets EWK1254 and EWK1255. A5 size: 4 x 8 designs.
5.83 x 8.27 in

Please remember to check out DPC3 HERE for items in stock and ready to ship such as:

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