Thursday, May 17, 2018

Karen Burniston Spring Release Pre Order

Hi friends.  Just letting you know I had some extensive mouth surgery and I am on bed rest several days then I cannot do anything strenuous (not even talking!!!) for 2 weeks....I cannot eat much either which has always been a trigger for my migraines....needless to say, I am feeling pretty under the weather.  So, things may be a bit slow around here for a bit.   My husband Patrick will do as much as he can to help out  :)

Now on to the release (which I prepared before my surgery-always good to plan ahead....)
I know some of you are waiting for these.  They are finally ready to pre order.   Please watch the video to see the new release in action.   If you need any other Karen Burniston items to complete your collection, just let me know and I will order them for you. 
The "I want It All Karen Burniston Spring Release" (all 12 NEW die sets) costs $165.40 (I Want It All Price is only good until this Wed-May 23) 
Email all pre orders to Darlene at
Thank you for you business.

Karen's Great Video:

1046  Circle Charm Pop Up Die Set  $18.00
Circles that turn and pop out!  Also make use of all your Karen Burniston Charm Dies!

 1047  Upsy Daisy Pop Up Die Set  $20.25

1048  Tent Pop Up Die Set  $22.00
This is adorable!

 1049  Camping Charms Die Set  $9.25

1050  Sweet Treats Charm Set  $8.25

 1051  Beach Charms Set  $9.25

 1052  Word Set 6 - Summer  $10.75

1053  Alphabet Die Set  $18.00

 1054  Crosshatch Rectangles Die Set  $16.25

 1055  Crosshatch Oval Die Set  $16.25

1056  Crosshatch Squares Die Set  $16.25

1057  Crosshatch Circles Die Set  $16.25

Please check out DPC3 HERE where prices were just dropped and new items were just added like:

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