Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sue Wilson Holiday Pre Order #2

Hello friends.
Now for Part 2 of the Sue Wilson Holiday Pre order.  Today I am offering 11 Die Sets.  I will also offer:
"The I Want It All Sue Wilson Holiday Release Part 2" for $128.25     It consists of the 11 die sets shown below.

Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

CED3128 2018 Christmas Angel Die  $9.50
Sue releases an angel die every year.  So pretty.

CED3129  Christmas Robin Die Set  $8.25

CED3130  Christmas Floral Stem Set  $10.25

CED3131 Christmas Bell Die Set  $9.50

CED3132  Frosty Snowflake Border Die  $9.50

CED3133 Frosty Snowflake Corner Die  $8.25

CED3134  Poinsettia Garland Die Set  $13.50

CED3144 Believe In The Magic Die Set  $15.50

CED3145 Twas The Night Die Set  $15.50

CED3146 Snowball Die Set  $16.25

CED3147  Overlay And Ornament Die Set  $12.25

Please check out DPC3 (CLICK HERE) to see items I have in stock and ready to ship.

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