Thursday, September 12, 2019

Marianne Design Pre Order

Hello friends.  Here are a bunch of new items from Marianne.   So many beautiful things!  Please email all pre orders to

 AK0073  Autumn Cutting Sheet  $1.00

 AK0074  Eline's Sunny Picnic Cutting Sheet  $1.00

 COL1472  Raccoon with Pumpkins Die Set  $14.00

 CR1475  Shaker Square Die  $12.25

 CR1476  Holly Punch Die  $6.00

 CR1477  Sakura Punch Die  $6.00

CR1478  Marleen's Poinsettia Die Set  $6.75

 CR1479  Marleen's Cyclamen Die Set  $6.25

 CR1480  Buttons Punch Die Set  $6.25

 CR1481  Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Die Set  $10.00

 CR1482  Cross Stitch Heart Die  $8.75

CS1032  Summer Silhouette Stamps  $9.25

CS1033  Sakura Silhouette Stamp Set  $9.25

 CS1034  Mumbai Medallion Stamp  $9.25

 CS1035  Dehli Mandala Stamp  $7.25

 CS1037  Hello Winter Stamp Set  $7.50

 CS1038  Party Silhouette Stamps  $2.30

 EWK1270  Cozy Christmas 1 Cutting Sheet  $1.00

 EWK1271  Cozy Christmas 2 cutting Sheet  $1.00

 HT1647  Hetty's Autumn Gnomes Stamps  $6.75

 HT1648  Hetty's Winter Gnomes Stamps  $6.75

 IT612  Tiny's Autumn Cutting Sheet  $1.00

 LR0612  Christmas Tree Gatefold Dies  $14.75

 LR0613  Gate Gatefold Dies  $14.75

 LR0614  Mandala Die  $12.25

 LR0615  Tiny's Deer Family Die Set  $7.50

 LR0616  Brocante  Tag Die  $9.25

 LR0617   Classic Tag Die  $9.25

 LR0618  Anja's XL Folding Circle Die Set  $24.25

 LR0620  Anja's Warm Winter Wishes Die Set  $10.00

 LR0621  Tiny's Leaves Die Set  $8.25

 LR0622  Tiny's Blackberries Die Set  $5.25

 LR0623  Tiny's Mushrooms Die Set  $7.50

 LR0624  Tiny's Leaves Wreath Die Set  $13.25

 LR0626 Congrats and balloon die  $2.30

MB0181  Winter Birds Cutting Sheet  $1.00

MB0182  Dutch Cutting Sheet  $1.00 

 PK9164   Winter Days Paper Pack  $5.25

 PK9165  Brocante Winter Paper Pad  $5.25

 PS8039  Lantern Stencil  $4.25

 PS8040  Sliced Wood Stencil  $4.25

PS8041  Leaf Grain Stencil  $4.25 

 PS8042  Foam Stencil  $4.25

 PS8043  Party Pocket Stencil  $4.25

 TC0876  Tiny's Leaves Stamps  $7.50

 TC0877  Tiny's Leaf Stamp  $7.50

 VK9580  Christmas Forest Cutting Sheet  $1.00

 VK9581  Isle's Funny Fall Cutting Sheet  $1.00

If you have a moment, please check out where the following items are for sale:

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