Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Karen Burniston Pre Order And Class Updates

 Hello paper crafters.  I have the newest Karen Burniston Release for pre order.  I will not be offering the "I Want It All" option this time around but let me explain why.  Karen will be offering 3 months of classes using all the new dies.  When you order these classes through me, the deal makes the classes and their kits essentially free which is an amazing deal.  Karen's classes are easy to follow and the cards you make are simply jaw dropping.   For those of you not interested in the classes, I will still have the dies available individually for you to pre order.  But I do ask you to trust me and go for the classes.  Today, I am going to offer the January class kit.  But first, here is a quick peek of the entire new release:

This release is amazing and by taking Karen's classes you will know how to use all these dies to their fullest potential.

Now remember, the next 3 months will be using all these dies in some way in Karen's classes.  In each class you purchase from me you get 2 paper kits and the new dies which make 2 amazing cards.  Today I am offering the following class:

January 7, 2023 Zoom Class  $100.00  

This class includes: the free pre recorded prep class (like your homework) then live instruction with Karen, the paper kits (that I put together) and the following 4 new die sets:

1217 Bookworm

1220 Church and School Tiny House Add-ons

1221 Doghouse Tiny House Add-ons

1224 Banners - Crosshatch

Now, not included in this class but you need to have is this die set:

1157 Tiny House Pop-up  $24.00     (Check to see if you have it already)

And lastly, the following two die sets will have parts included in your kit that I hand cut, so you may want them if you wish to recreate the exact cards:

1027 Word Set 4 - Just a Note  $8.00

1166 Hello  $12.80

Are you ready to see the cards we will be making in the January class?  Here we go!

Well, what do you think?  I am in love with that dog house one!!!!  Cannot wait to make it.   And I want to learn to make the school one too!  Did you see in the die set that it makes a church too?

Here are pics of the dies that come in the kit:

Please send your preorder list of what you want to order to darlene@dutchpapercrafts.com

All preorders will get a confirmation email. If I don't respond, then I didn't get your email. 😬 (Please resend.)

Please include your zip code. When your items are in, a PayPal invoice will be sent. Shipping is just actual shipping rates.

I will be having all the die sets available to pre order in a few days.  I just wanted to get the first class up for sale first so I can order the dies right away and start making the card kits.

I appreciate the kits ordered from me.  Please share with other crafting friends and refer them to me if you would be so kind.  

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.

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