Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Marianne Pre Order

Hello everyone.  Here is the newest release from Marianne.

Please send your preorder list of what you want to order to darlene@dutchpapercrafts.com

All preorders will get a confirmation email. If I don't respond, then I didn't get your email. 😬 (Please resend.)

Please include your zip code. When your items are in, a PayPal invoice will be sent. Shipping is just actual shipping rates.

4055528  Ornare Pricking Stencil (Not a Die)  $3.50

PS8137  Anja's Tulip Stencil  $6.00

EC0199  Baby Animals Stamp And Die Set  $15.00

CS1115  Hetty's Peek-A-Boo Spring Animals Stamp Set  $7.50

CS1114  Hetty's Peek-A-Boo Chicken Family Stamp Set  $7.50

MB0208  Mattie's Spring Circles Cutting Sheet  $1.25

MB0207  Mattie's Spring Bouquets Cutting Sheet  $1.25

MB0206  Mattie's Vases Cutting Sheet  $1.25

AK0090  Eline's Baby Background Sheet  $1.25

COL1522  Marleen's Pacifier Bag Topper  $13.00

LR0047  Marianne White Gift Bags  $6.00
Set of 10

COL1521  Eline's Baby Elephant Die Set  $14.00

CR1620  Marleen's Cattails Die Set  $8.00

CR1619  Marleen's Ducks Die Set  $13.00

CR1618  Barrel Pond Die Set  $10.00

CR1617  Mini Slimline Squares Die Set  $12.00

LR0795  Anja's Dragonfly Circle Die Set  $13.00

LR0794  Little Jungle Leaves Die Set  $6.00

LR0793  Baby Die Set  8.00

CAT13122  Catalog 122  Free with Any Marianne Purchase while supplies last

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