Saturday, January 24, 2015

LifeStyle Crafts Reduction Of Inventory Sale

Hello paper crafters.  We have some more sale items for you!  This time it is LifeStyle Crafts Doily Die Sets.  Please email all orders for these items to

DC0429  $16.00
DC0432  $16.00
DC0433  $16.00
DC0434  $16.00
DC0435  $16.00

DC0429 Nesting Doilies Die

DC0432 Nesting Square Doilies

DC0433 Nesting Circle Doilies

DC0434 Nesting Floral Doilies

DC0435 Nesting Lace Die

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hodge Podge Sale!

Hello friends.  This is a hodge podge assortment of items we only have a few of.  Please email all order to Pat at

906 tree outline die

HCPC 3499 delicate asters and butterflies stamp set

B187 Build A Flower #2

B206 Mini Leaf


906  $3.50
HCPC 3499 $6.00
B187 $15.00
B206 $4.25


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Memory Box Frames SALE!

Hello Paper Crafters!  Hope you are all doing well and crafting.  We are still accepting orders for Sue Wilson dies but some of the dies are already out of stock with our suppliers!  No fear-they will eventually get here.  Now some of you have been patiently waiting for a sale so here you go!

98540  $19.00 (retired from Memory Box)
98343  $14.50  (retired from Memory Box)

98540 Findlay Frame

98343 Calypso Flourish $15.75 each


Monday, January 19, 2015

Sue Wilson Preorder!!!

WOW!  I really like these new Sue Wilson dies!  Sue has outdone herself with this batch!  If you would like some of these email your pre order to

CED1424 Cornflower $18.00

CED1425 Blooming Branch $14.00

CED1426 Delicate Fronds $14.00

CED1427 Splendid Swirls $16.25

CED1428 Charming Hearts Corners $13.25

CED1429 Ornamental Corners $18.00

CED1607 Quilted Blocks $18.00

CED1608 Regal $18.00

CED4303 Refined Rectangular Frame $14.00

CED4304 Pierced Flags $14.75

CED4305 Pierced Tags $14.75

CED4406 Cygnus $13.25

CED4407 Perseus $16.25

CED4408 Delphinus $16.25

CED5101 Greek Island Background $24.25

CED5102 Greek Islands Corner, Border and Tag $27.50

CED5103 Rhodes $19.50

CED5104 Kefalonia $21.25

CED5105 Santorini $19.50

CED5201 Caribbean Island Background $24.25

CED5202 Caribbean Island Border, Accent and Tag $27.50

CED5203 St Lucia $19.50

CED5204 St Kitts $20.75

CED5205 St Barts $19.50

CED5301 Classic Weaving Die $26.00

CED5302 Striped Weaving Die $26.00

CED5401 Hello $14.75

CED5402 Love $14.00

CED5403 Thank You $13.25

CED5404 Enjoy $12.25

CED5405 Best Wishes $12.25

CED5501 Classic Adorned Rectangles $32.25

CED5502 Ornate Pierced Rectangles $32.25

CED5503 Classic Adorned Squares $29.25

CED5504 Ornate Pierced Squares $32.25

CED5601 Love Hearts $17.25

CED5602 Labyrinth $17.25

CED5603 Lavish Swirls $17.25

Saturday, January 17, 2015

***Embossing Folders And More Embossing FoldersOn Sale!

Hello Friends.  Here are some more sale items!  Sale prices are good for items in stock only.  Please email all orders to

EF0017  $5.50
EF0018  $5.50
EF0019  $5.50
EF0020  $5.50
HSF001  $4.00
HSF002  $4.00

EF0017 Doily

EF0018 Nautical

EF0019 Honeycomb

EF0020 Tide

HSF001 Ball Flowers

HSF002 Flower Border 1