Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sale on Marianne Creatables*****Reduction of Inventory********

Here are some more items on sale.
Email all orders to










LR0164   $9.75
LR0166  $7.25

LR0170   $8.75
LR0171   $8.25
LR0174  $7.25
LR0175  $7.00
LR0176  $7.00
LR0177  $5.50


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nellie Snellen PreOrder!

Hello friends.  Here are some New Nellie Snellen items to preorder.    Don't forget the Memory Box /Poppy pre order goes up April 13th and we will only take pre orders for 48 hours. 
Email all preorders to

VIND001 Vintasia Square Man Die Set $12.25

VIND002 Vintasia Oval Frame Lady Die Set $12.25

VIND003 Vintasia Rectangle Frame Bird Die Set $13.75

VIND004 Vintasia Round Frame Hearts Die Set $12.25

VIND005 Vintasia Gramophone Dies $8.75


VIND006 Vintasia Wedding Car Dies $6.25

VIND007 Vintasia Cupids Dies $6.25

VIND008 Vintasia Keys  Dies $5.50

VIND009 Vintasia Square With Grid $12.25

VIND010 Vintasia Oval With Grid Die $12.25

VIND011 Vintasia Round With Grid Die $12.25

VIND012 Vintasia Rectangle With Grid Die $12.25

SGD003 Stained Glass Fantasy heart Die $14.50

SGD003 - Tanja Reulen - Nellie Snellen

SGD004 Stained Glass Fantasy Flower Die $12.25

MFD077 Nellie Nesting multi frame Tag Dies  $12.25

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Memory Box Reduction of Inventory Sale.

Here are some more dies for sale.  Several of these are no longer being manufactured.....
Remember, the Memory Box/Poppy Preorder (NEW ITEMS) goes up on the blog April 13th and we will only be taking orders for two days!   There are some beautiful dies and stencils to be ordered!

Email all orders for this release to :

98292 Leafy Branch Die $8.50

98450 Bramble Circle  $11.25

98471 Tree Of Wonder $12.00

[98485] DIES- Magnificent Pine
98485 Magnificent Pine Die $7.50

98500 Tupelo Circle $11.25