Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Impression Obsession PreOrder

Hello paper crafters.   We want to wish all our American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We are  grateful for having so many lovely customers. 

Next up is a preorder for Impression Obsession.  Feel free to send us an order for any Impression Obsession product you want.  We will try our best to get it for you. 

DIE360-T Very Merry Die $11.25

DIE359-R Balloons Dies $10.25

DIE357-F Shepherds Die Set $5.50

DIE356-R Small Angel Dies $10.25

DIE355-M Small Manger Die $8.25

DIE354-YY Sunburst Background Die $20.25

DIE353-YY Ornament Flourish Dies $20.25

DIE352-Q Large Leaf Stem Die $10.00

DIE350-T Pumpkin Die Set $11.25

DIE349-J Berry Branches Dies $7.25

DIE348-Y Town Builder Dies $14.75

DIE347-W Mountain Landscape Layers Dies $13.25

DIE346-YY Tree Landscape Layers Dies $20.25

DIE345-Y Small Cabin Die Set $14.75

DIE344-YY Large Cabin Die Set $20.25

DIE339-Z City Landscape Layers Die $15.50

DIE337-T Cookie Dies and Stamp Set $11.25

DIE334-Y Foliage Dies $14.75

DIE330-R Merry Christmas Die Set $10.25

DIE328-G Mini Cats Die Set $6.00

DIE319-K Pine Sprig Dies $7.50

DIE310-XX Forest Die $23.50

DIE309-Y Tree Row Die $14.75

DIE307-U  Keys die and Stamp Set $11.50

DIE306-Y Deer and Doe Die Set $14.75

DIE304-C Ornate Candlestick Die $4.25

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beautiful Christmas Embossed Stickers

We found these in our inventory and figured we should offer them for sale.  Once they are sold out, we no longer can get them.  These are all gold/transparent Double embossed stickers.  Email all orders to Patricia at sales@dutchpapercraftsshop.com,  Stickers are $2.00 per sheet.  They are very beautiful.

MD352706 Happy Christmas border

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Elizabeth Crafts PreOrder

Several of you have requested some Elizabeth Crafts Items so we are doing another quick pre order.  We can get you any Elizabeth Crafts item you may want.  Just send all orders (include item numbers and brief description) to Darlene at dutchpapercrafts@gmail.com

Here are a few new things:

 EC CS009 Lucky Birthday Stamp Set $6.75

EC CS008 Cocoa Western Stamp Set $6.75

EC 1099 Props 7 Die Set $6.75

EC 1098 Props 6 Die Set $6.75

EC 1097 Lucky The Rabbit Die Set $12.25

EC 1096 Flourish Gift Frame Die Set $18.00

EC 1095 Gift Card Accordion Die Set  $22.00

And we are reoffering the Elizabeth Crafts Paper:

PSF102 Soft Finish Cardstock 8.5" X 11" 270gr /100Lb 10 pack
And a special message from Patricia:
Hello everyone… Pat here!
I just wanted to share with you all my opinion of the Elizabeth Crafts Soft Finish Cardstock.  I have only used the 100# wt but I find that this wonderful cardstock has the most amazing feel to the touch and is a beautiful texture. I am using it to make my card base out of and my cards end up having that extra special classy look to them. I love this cardstock!!!!!!! When you touch it, it feels rich and elegant and makes your cards feel and look that way too! I’ve just ordered myself several more packages of it. Hope they never quit making it…
Happy Thanksgiving to all……………………