Thursday, October 23, 2014

Poppy Stamps Preorder

Hello card crafters!  We have another Poppy Preorder for you.  We are  only taking orders for the dies we are showing here.  We will be taking orders until Sunday evening.  Please email all orders to


[1105] DIES- Vintage Merry Christmas
[1105] DIES- Vintage Merry Christmas  $6.25

[1106] DIES- Bushel Basket
[1106] DIES- Bushel Basket  $4.25

[1107] DIES- Fancy Hello
[1107] DIES- Fancy Hello  $4.25

[1108] DIES- Vintage Seasons
[1108] DIES- Vintage Seasons  $8.25

[1109] DIES- Gourds and Pumpkins
[1109] DIES- Gourds and Pumpkins  $6.00

[1110] DIES- Peace Love and Joy Tags
[1110] DIES- Peace Love and Joy Tags $13.25

[1111] DIES- Vintage Happy Holidays
[1111] DIES- Vintage Happy Holidays  $6.75

[1112] DIES- Pine Boughs
[1112] DIES- Pine Boughs  $7.50

[1113] DIES- Jumbled Birthday
[1113] DIES- Jumbled Birthday  $11.50

[1114] DIES- An Apple a Day
[1114] DIES- An Apple a Day  $8.25

[1115] DIES- Jumbled Thanks
[1115] DIES- Jumbled Thanks  $8.25

[1116] DIES- Fancy Merry Christmas
[1116] DIES- Fancy Merry Christmas  $6.25

[1117] DIES- Rustic Wagon
[1117] DIES- Rustic Wagon  $4.75

[1118] DIES- Fancy Thanks
[1118] DIES- Fancy Thanks  $6.25

[1119] DIES- Evergreen Trees
[1119] DIES- Evergreen Trees   $8.25

[1120] DIES- Fancy Happy Holidays
[1120] DIES- Fancy Happy Holidays  $10.75

[1121] DIES- Birthday Stack
[1121] DIES- Birthday Stack  $10.75

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

****Cheery Lynn Inventory Reduction Sale

Hello Papercrafters.   We have some more older inventory items on sale.  Remember we can no longer carry Cheery Lynn, so once these are gone we cannot get more!  Please email all orders to

DL127  $12.50
DL135   $4.00
DL147   $10.00
DL164   $12.00
DL165   $3.00
DL167   $3.00
DL168   $3.00
DL172   $4.00
DL176   $5.00
B140      $5.00
B149   $5.00
FRM120  $8.00
FRM121 $10.00
FRM128  $10.00
FRM129  $9.50
XMC-6  $7.00
S112   $2.50

DL135 Daisy Lace Bracelet


DL164 Doily Stacker

DL165 Snowflake 1

DL167 Snowflake 3

DL168 Snowflake 4

DL172 Large Snowflake

S112 Foam Sheet- 4 sheets per kit

XMC-6 Inverted Scalloped Window Stackers

DL176 Geometric Snowflake

B140 Christmas Sleigh

FRM121 Fall Harvest 1

Monday, October 20, 2014

****Heartfelt Creations Reduction Of Inventory Sale****

Hi friends.  Still reducing our inventory....  Here are some items for fall at blow out prices! We don't have many of these available.   Please email all orders to Pat at

HCPP1224  $9.00
HCPC3483  $5.00
HCPC3485  $5.00
HCPC3486  $5.00
HCPC3487  $5.00









Saturday, October 18, 2014

Memory Box And Poppy Christmas Dies

Here are some beautiful dies we never offered for sale before.  They were lost in our inventory.....So we thought we would put them on sale!  Please email all orders to Pat at

824  $7.25  (discontinued)
861  $10.00
98347  $10.50 (discontinued)
98617  SOLD OUT
98623  SOLD OUT

824 Breezy Wreath

98347 Pocket Gift Tag

image from

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cheery Lynn Dies on Sale!

Hi friends.  We have some more stuff that we need to sell to reduce our inventory.  We no longer carry Cheery  Lynn so grab these while they are still available.     Email all orders to Pat at
B226 Happy (goes with Halloween) $3.75

B322 Spider web Border  $7.75

B335 Alison's Ribbons  $12.50

B337 Dainty Bow $4.25

B344 Halloween $4.25