Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Lea'bilities Reduction Of Inventory Sale

Hope all of our American friends had a nice Thanksgiving.  We continue our reduction of inventory sales.   Please email all orders to Pat at

45.8930  $9.50

45.8954  $9.50

45.8961  $9.50

45.8930 Deer and Trees

45.8954  Combi Star  (Piece together the various cuts for unique and beautiful snowflakes)

45.8961  Poinsettia 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

These Cuties are on sale!

I love these dies!  I see them cut in felt and sewn up to make gorgeous little pins!  And as you can see, they are equally cute done up with paper!

COL1331 Penguins

COL1332 Snowman

COL1331  $14.50
COL1332  $10.00

Email all orders to



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Marianne Craftables****SALE****

More sales!  Please email all orders to

CR1225  $13.50
CR1226  $13.50
CR1227  $13.50

                                                                       CR1225 Hearts

                                                                  CR1226 Stars

                                                                   CR1227 Trees


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sue Wilson Preorder

Finally we have some new items from Sue Wilson.  Oh my were they worth the wait.  Please email all orders asap to

CED1420 Mosaic Leaves $16.25

CED1421 Camellia Complete Petals $27.50

CED1422 Camellia Open Petals $27.50

CED1423 Trailing Ivy $13.50

CED1605 Floral Meadow $18.00

CED1606 Eternal Rings $18.00

CED4101 New York Background $25.50

CED4102 New York Corner Border and Tag  $27.50

CED4103 Union Square $22.00

CED4104 Madison Square $22.00

CED4105 Times Square $22.00

CED4106 Herald Square $22.00

CED4201 Scandinavian Background  $24.25

CED4202 Scandinavian corner border and tag $24.25

CED4203 Stockholm $22.00

CED4204 Copenhagen $24.25

CED4205 Oslo  $24.25

CED4301 Dainty Rectangular Frame $13.50

CED4302 Dainty Oval Frame $14.25

CED4401 Phoenix Die $12.75

CED4402 Ursa Die $12.75

CED4403 Lyra Die $16.00

CED4404 Orion Die $16.25

CED4405 Carina Die $16.25

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Delicate Deco Square (UMS583)
UMS583 Delicate Deco STAMP $10.75
All Square Stamps co-ordinate with Union Square (CED4103), Madison Square (CED4104). Times Square (CED4105) & Herald Square (CED4106).

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Geometric Square (UMS584)
UMS584 Geometric Square STAMP  $10.75

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Floral Doodle Square (UMS589)
UMS589 Floral Doodle Square Stamp $10.75

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Zentangle Flower Square (UMS590)
UMS590 Zentangle Flower Square Stamp $10.75

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Honey Flower (UMS585)
UMS585 Honey Flower Stamp $8.25

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Wrought Iron Swirls (UMS586)
UMS586 Wrought Iron Swirls Stamp $8.25

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Camellia (UMS587)
UMS587 Camellia Trellis Stamp $8.25

Sue Wilson Stamps To Die For - Floral Flourish (UMS588)
UMS588 Floral Flourish (2 Stamps) $8.25