Monday, June 29, 2015

Sue Wilson Dies PreOrder

Oh my.   These are gorgeous!   How does one figure out what to get?    Sigh.     Well friends, several of you have been waiting for these and here they are.  Please make sure and order the ones you really want right away as in the past many of the Christmas dies sold out and were discontinued  (Especially the 2014 angel one-that one sold out fast last year!)
Also, Sue made us Americans some smaller dies! Look for the Word MINI in the title!  I do know that the MINI Striplets just a hair over  1 3/4" x  5 1/4" in size!   Just what a lot of you requested!

Also please make sure to start following Dutchpapercrafts2 again as Patricia and I will be rambling on about things that may interest you and be of great help.  Feel free to join in on the conversations in the comments section! The link to Dutchpapercrafts2 is

Email all Sue Wilson orders to Darlene at

CED3016 2015 Christmas Angel Die Set $20.75
She is sold with a script word die amid an assortment of twinkle stars, with eleven dies included in this set.  Each year it is Sue's goal to do an angel that will be unique to that year only.  The angel die will not be sold again, they are in a way, collectible, only available in the year in which they are created.

CED3017 Christmas Tree Greetings Die $16.25

CED3018 Snowflake Background Die Set $23.50

CED3019 Snowflake Corner, Border and Tag Die Set $26.00

CED3020 Snowflakes Die Set $19.50
This set is beautiful when Layered.

CED3022 Peeking Snowflake Die Set $20.75

CED3023 Deboss Snowflake Die Set $17.25

CED3025 Christmas Scene MINI Background Die Set $20.75

CED3026 Merry Christmas Die $10.75

CED3027 Peace On Earth Die $16.25

CED3028 Seasons Greetings Die $10.75

CED3029 HO HO HO Die $13.25

CED3031 Jingle Bells Die $17.25

CED3035 Dove Of Peace Die Set $12.00

CED3036 snowflake MINI Striplet Die Set $13.25

CED3037 Poinsettia MINI Striplet Die Set $13.25

CED3038 Wise Men MINI Striplet Die Set $13.25

CED3040 Classic Poinsettia Open Petals Die Set $24.25
Sue Brought back the Classic Poinsettia CED3008 to layer this die AND we can order one for you if you wish :o)

CED3041 Winter Trees Die Set $19.50

CED3042 Deer Family Die Set $19.50

CED3043 Santa's Sleigh Die $9.50

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tonic Studios PreOrder

Lots of news.  Update on the Memory Box/Poppy Order which we will post bright and early on July 7th.  We only take orders for 2 days and then the release is removed.  The exciting news is Patricia and I will be offering a free lay away for this release so you can all get everything you want! 
Please remember to look at the blog for the releases.  The emails are great reminders but frequently things are missing or even worse the emails don't get through.
Now for the Tonic dies which we love.  Here is our next preorder.  For those of you who ordered the last release, they are already on their way to Patricia who is getting ready to do her invoices!  For this release and this release only we are offering FREE Shipping To USA residents on all orders over $100.00 (cannot be combined with other releases).  Our foreign orders will get a reduced rate shipping.  We have to take care of our foreign friends too!
Please remember we can try to special order any Tonic Studios Items you may want, so feel free to ask.
Email all orders to Darlene at
367e Inspirations Sentiment Die Set $26.75

368e Expressions Sentiment Die Set $26.75
I couldn't find any samples for Treasure but I thought it would be wonderful under a pet photo or used in a pirate theme...

369e Just Because Sentiment Die Set $26.75

600e Everyday Sentiments Die Set 1 $16.25

601e Every Day Sentiments Die Set 2 $16.25

602e Every Day Sentiments Die Set 3 $16.25

182e Art Nouuveau Collectable Die Set $36.25

183e Art Deco Collectable Die Set $36.25

184e Celtic Dream Collectable Die Set $36.25