Monday, October 21, 2019

Crafter's Companion Card Stock Pre Order Need orders in 3 days!

Here is the last of the sale on Crafter's Companion items.  I need orders by October 23rd in order for you to get the 20% off sale.  (Prices shown are the MSRP-you get 20% off the prices shown)
The last items I wanted to highlight was the Cardstock.  A lot of you ask me what foils, glitter, matt foils and pearlescent cardstock I use.  It is Crafter's Companion.  
Please let me know if there is any Crafter's Companion items you want and I will try and get them for you.  For example, one customer wanted the Gemini mini non electric cutter, another wanted some printed Christmas papers, and another a special embossing folder...just email me and I will try!!
Please email all pre orders to

The Luxury Card Sets contain 10 glitter cardstocks, 10 mirror cardstocks and 10 matte mirror cardstocks.

CP-LMIX-GOLD  Gold Luxury Cardstock  $15.95

CP-LMIX-GREEN Green Luxury Cardstock $15.95

CP-LMIX-ICEB  Ice Blue Luxury Card Stock  $15.95

CP-LMIX-PURP  Purple Luxury Cardstock  $15.95

CP-LMIX-RED  Red Luxury Cardstock  $15.95

CP-LMIX-SILVER  Silver Luxury Cardstock  $15.95

S-PAR-PEARL   Parisian Pearl Cardstock  $12.95
(24 sheets)

S-EC-GLITTER  Enchanted Christmas Glitter Paper  $12.95
(24 sheets)

S-EC-MIRROR  Enchanted Christmas Mirror Cardstock  $12.95
(24 Sheets)

S-EC-MIRRORM   Enchanted Christmas Matt Mirror Cardstock  $12.95
(24 Sheets)

S-SH-LUX-PCP  Sew Homemade Pearl Cardstock  $13.95
(24 Sheets)

S-WW-GLITTER   Winter Wonderland Glitter Cardstock  $12.95
(24 Sheets)

S-WW-MIRROR  Winter Wonderland Mirror Cardstock  $12.95
(24 Sheets)

S-WW-MIRRORM  Matt Mirror Winter Wonderland Cardstock  $12.95
(24 sheets)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

More Crafter's Companion Pre Order Sale!

Adding a few more items for you to pre order from Crafter's Companion. I need all pre orders by October 23rd. If you get your orders to me by then, I will give you 20% OFF the MSRP!  Prices shown below are the MSRP, so you get 20% OFF of prices shown  :)
Please email all pre orders to Darlene at

S-NAUT-PAD6  Nautical 6x6 in Paper Pad  $9.95
S-NAUT-PAD8 Nautical 8x8 in Paper Pad  $14.95

S-NAUT-CHAR  Nautical Metal Charms  $6.95

S-NAUT-ROPE  Nautical Rope  $6.95

S-NAUT-TWINE  Jute Twine  $5.95

S-NAUT-MDS-SHELL  Seashells Stamps with Matching Dies  $9.95

S-NAUT-MD-ANAW  Anchors Away Metal Die Set  $10.95

S-NAUT-MD-SEAC  Sealife Accessories Die Set  $12.95

S-NAUT-MD-BTS  By The Sea Die Set  $16.95

S-NAUT-MD-PORT  Porthole Windows Die Set  $19.95

S-NAUT-MD-AGER  Aged Rope Die  $6.95

S-NAUT-MD-SEFO  Sea Foam Metal Die  $6.95

S-NAUT-MD-FINE  Fishing Net Die  $6.95

S-NAUT-MD-GRSH  Grand Shell Die  $10.95

S-NAUT-MD-FASH  Fancy Shells Die Set  $10.95

S-NAUT-MD-ATB  At The Beach Die Set  $10.95

S-NAUT-ST-NAEL  Nautical Elements Stamp Set  $6.95

S-NAUT-ST-SEDA  Seas The Day Stamp Set  $6.95

S-NAUT-EF5-OCWA  Ocean Waves Embossing Folder  $7.95

S-NAUT-EF5-SHAN  Ship's Anchor Embossing Folder  $7.95

S-NAUT-EF5-SECO  Seashell Corner Embossing Folder  $7.95

S-NAUT-EFS-3D-SEMED  Seashell Medley 3D Embossing Folder  $9.95

S-NAUT-EF5-3D-SHDE  Ship Deck 3D Embossing Folder  $9.95

If Pre Orders are not your thing, please visit DPC3 where items are in stock and ready to ship!