Sunday, August 25, 2019

We've Got A Groovi kind of love....

Are any of you hearing Phil Collins singing now in your head?  I enjoy his music so.  Do you know he hates this song?   I wonder why....
Well, do you have a love for Groovi?  Here are some Groovi items to pre order.  This order is a bit different and as I am doing a special order, I need these orders ASAP.  I may not be able to get these items later, so if you like the item, please order them now.  If need be we can always work out a payment/layaway plan.  If you are new to groovi, just google it and watch some instructional videos.  It is very easy-much easier then the old way of Pergamano.  Oh, if you are brand new to the craft, and if you need starter kits or tools just email me and I will help you out.  I can add them to my order.  These are coming all the way from the UK so they may take a while to get to me.
Now many of the samples you see here are advanced and you don't need to do all that detail to make a beautiful card.  Simply tracing the plate onto parchment and adhering it to cardstock is beautiful.  You can always go further if you wish but plain and simple is beautiful as well. (At this point all of my cards are plain and simple. I do hope, someday, to learn how to do the cutting.)

Email all pre orders 

Here we go-some amazing new items:

 GRO-CH-41281-03  Tina's Wave! It's Christmas
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-CH-41279-03  Tina's Merry Christmas Panels
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-CH-41278-03  Tina's Hearty Christmas
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-CH-41280-03  Tina's Round Tree Window
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-FL-41230-03  Linda's Violet AND Lace
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-FL-41229-03  Linda's Sweet Pea AND Lace
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-FL-41228-03  Linda's Pansy AND Lace
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-FL-41227-03  Linda's Jasmine AND Lace
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-PA-41239-01  Linda's Frill
A6 Square Groovi Plate  $6.50

GRO-FL-41237-15  Linda's 123 - Dandelion
A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.50

GRO-BI-41238-15  Linda's 123 - Blue Tits
A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.50

GRO-AN-41210-03  Tina's Embroidery Butterflies
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-FL-41211-03  Tina's Embroidery Daisy
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-AN-41212-03  Tina's Embroidery Dragonfly
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-FL-41213-03  Tina's Embroidery Flowers
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-FL-41231-15  Linda's 123 - Wild Flowers
A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.50

GRO-FL-41198-02  Rosie AND Brick Wall
A6 Groovi Plate  $6.50

GRO-FL-41195-02  Daisy AND Grass
A6 Groovi Plate  $6.50

GRO-FL-41197-02  Lizzy AND Rockery
A6 Groovi Plate  $6.50

GRO-FL-41196-02  Honesty AND Logs
A6 Groovi Plate  $6.50

GRO-WO-40270-02  The Earth Has Music
A6 Groovi Plate  $6.50

GRO-LO-41122-03 Garden Heart
A5 Square Groovi Plate   $9.25

GRO-PA-41113-03  Josie's PTC Handmade By
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-CH-41110-20  Merry Christmas
Groovi Go! Spacer Plate  $4.25

GRO-CH-40381-01  Traditional Christmas Message A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate  $6.50

GRO-CH-41073-03  Linda's 123 Christmas 
Christmas Rose, Holly AND Ivy
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-CH-41064-03  Linda's 123 Christmas 
Poinsettia, Mistletoe AND Pine
A5 Square Groovi Plate  $9.25

GRO-LO-41226-15  Linda's Heart Sampler
A4 Square Groovi Plate  $15.50

GRO-GG-41288-12  Princess Charlotte Lace Corner Duet
A5 Square Groovi Piercing Grid  $9.25
(Notice one side is for making indententations with your ball tool and the other side is for piercing.  Two different looks with just one plate!)

GRO-WO-40829-04  Acorn Poem
A5 Groovi Plate   $9.25

ACC-DI-30680-66  Nested Circles Picot Cut Die Set
These dies make that beautiful picot edge-NO scissors and cutting necessary!!!  Look at the edges on the samples shown.

ACC-DI-30681-56  Nested Ovals Picot Cut Die Set $32.00

ACC-DI-30682-56  Nested Rectangles Picot Cut Die Set $32.00

ACC-DI-30666-66 Nested Squares Picot Cut Die Set  $32.00

21452    Perga Liners Set  $36.00
These make coloring your parchment papers so much easier!
Go HERE to see a basic video on how to use the Perga liners.
Also HERE is another nice video

21804 Dorso Oil $8.50
(This is the oil you mix with your perga liners)

10500 Pergamano Blending Pen with 3 Nibs  $5.25
This is the pen they blend the pergaliners and Dorso oil with.

19203  Pergamano Blending Pen Nibs (Pack of 10) $4.25

ACC-MG-30537-XX  Spot On Sponges  $3.50
(The sponges they use to put the Dorso oil on.)

31411  Pergamano Excellent - Embossing Mat $22.00
(This is the mat that gets those lovely shaded areas without poking a hole in your paper)

GRO40681  Groovi A4 Parchment Black 10 sheets  $11.50

GRO40437  Groovi Sticker Tabs (16 per pkg)  $3.75
(Adheres your parchment to the plates without tearing the parchment.)

GRO40345  Groovi Guard  $4.50
(Keeps your paper from warping from your hand oils)

GRO40020  Groovi® A5 Parchment (20 Sheets)  $5.75

GRO40625  A4 Picot Foam  $5.25
(Used with Picot Scissors to cut out parchment)

11351  Perga Cutters - Curved $31.25
HERE is a video showing how to use these scissors.  If you want the more traditional scissors email me for a price quote

PER-AC-70354-XX  Pergamano Brads Complete Collection  $27.75
360 brads total.  
Brads are an easy way to adhere the parchment to cardstock
(I am unsure if I can get don't be disappointed if they don't come in - But I am going to give it a shot.)

If you have a moment please visit my other site where items are in stock and ready to ship.