Sunday, January 26, 2020

Altenew Pre Order

Finally we have some new items from Altenew.  We always look forward to their new releases.  
To celebrate Valentine's, I am offering 20% off until Thursday, January 30th!  The prices shown are the full price-you take 20% off of the price shown.  Yay!
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Bold Floral Drape Stamp  $24.00
Bold Floral Drape Die Set  $11.00

Hello and Hugs Stamp Set  $16.00
Hello and Hugs Die Set  $15.00

Incredible Stamp Set  $24.00
Incredible Die Set  $24.00
Incredible Mask Stencil  $7.00

Mod Vases Stamp Set  $24.00
Mod Vases Die Set  $24.00
Mod Vases Mask Stencil  $7.00

Retro Plantines Stamp Set  $16.00
Retro Plantines Die Set  $21.00

Simple Beauty Stamp Set  $24.00
Simple Beauty Die Set  $18.00

Vase Fillers Stamp Set  $24.00
Vase Fillers Die Set  $40.00

Watercolor Halftone Stamp Set  $24.00
Watercolor Halftone Die Set  $30.00

Wild Flora Stamp Set  $24.00
Wild Flora Die Set  $35.00

Tartan Stamp Set  $24.00

Framed Congrats Die $11.00

Framed Thanks Die  $11.00

Monstera 3D Die Set  $14.00

Mountain Die Set  $15.00

Ornate Cover Die  $21.00

Parlor Palm Die Set  $18.00

Rounded Rectangles Die Set  $11.00

 Triumph Tulip Build A Flower Stamp and Die Set  $35.00

 Stargazer Build A Flower Stamp And Die Set  $35.00

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