Monday, September 21, 2015

Sue Wilson PreOrder

Sheesh, has Sue Wilson been busy or what?  She has some more beautiful dies and continues to offer some of them in a smaller format.  Yay!  There is something for everyone, I think.

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First up are the much requested Sue Wilson Piercing Dies.These sets are as big as Sue was able to make them and still fit through the A4 cutting machines!  Shown here, you can see that you will be able to make nice large frames and because they are double pierced, you will have the detail on the inside and outside of each frame!  There are both Double Pierced Squares and Rectangles sets as you can see from the packaging below, but you won't get a sense of the size until you see them in person, Sue promises us!

CED5508 Double Pierced Rectangles Noble Die Set $48.25

CED5509 Double Pierced Squares Noble Die Set  $48.25

Next are the three new mini Gemini dies that.  They are quite a bit smaller than their predecessors.  They work the same way with separate cutting edges on both sides and different designs on both edges.  The smaller size allows you to use them in your more petite cards or even as Sue have done here with the Ara die set to create a frame.

CED4412 Vela Mini Gemini Die Set $12.00

CED4411 Lynx Mini Gemini Die Set $12.00

CED4413 Ara Mini Gemini Die Set $12.00

Mini Striplets are next! The Butterflies In Flight Mini Striplet is a bit different as it has extra separate butterflies that come with it!  They can be used to easily add color to each of the butterflies in the striplet or even as an addition to cards without the striplet.  The Rose Garden mini Striplet, shown here, is just plain beautiful.

CED1611 Butterflies in Flight Mini Striplet Set $17.25

CED1612 Rose Garden Mini Striplet Die Set $13.25

Next is the new Expressions range.  First, are the Ornate Expressions that come with their own frames.  These mix and match as well, so you can use both words in either frame and they have been designed so that they will fit either direction too!  

CED5414 Just For You Ornate Oval Expressions Die Set $13.25

CED5413 Special Day Ornate Oval Expressions Die Set $12.00

Next are the regular Expression dies.These dies have been designed so that they are a bit more elegant, but yet very readable as well, which is very important.

CED5410 Thanks For Everything Expressions Die $12.00

CED5417 Best Of Luck Expressions Die $13.25

CED5418 Congratulations Expressions Die  $6.75

CED5411 Thinking Of You Expressions Die $13.25

CED5416 With Sympathy Expressions Die  $10.75

CED5409 Scripted Happy Birthday Expressions Die $12.00

CED5412 You Are Special Expressions Die $13.25

Next are the Frames and Tags Sets:

CED4306 Heraldic Square Frames And Tags Die Set $18.25
This Die has been designed with separate cutting edges to maximize versatility

CED4307 Delicate Garden Frame Frames and Tags Die Set $23.50
The Delicate Garden Frame is very detailed and would not allow for a separate cutting edge, but Sue included an outer cut die to use for matting if desired.  The extra flowers match up with those in the design for layering in different colors too. Awesome!

Next are the new Configurations dies!  These trim dies are just the perfect way to add a nice accent to your edges and frames. See how well they work with the new Double Pierced Nobles?  Sue has also done a set of squares that make lovely corners.   The square corners have separate outer cutting edges so again, the versatility is wonderful.

CED6404 Charming Lace Configurations Die $8.25

CED6501  Corner Squares Configurations Dies $8.25

CED6403 Graceful Lace Trim Configurations Die $9.50

CED6303 Scalloped Trellis Adornment Configuration Die $12.00

CED6304 Art Deco Adornment Configuration Die Set $13.25
This one has a backer die as well!

CED6305 Teardrop Adornment Configurations Die Set $12.00
This one has a backer die too!

And last is a set of dies that Sue call her finishing touches.  Dies that add just the right accent to any card.

CED1437 Laurel Leaves Finishing Touches Die Set $12.00

CED1440 String Flowers Finishing Touches Die Set $17.25

CED1441 Scribble Flowers Finishing Touches Die Set $19.50

CED1444 Catkin Stems Finishing Touches Dies $9.50

CED1436 Diagonal Foldover Flower Finishing Touches Dies $18.25

CED1443 Finishing Touches Classic Vase Die Set $8.25

CED1442 Apple Blossom Finishing Touches Die $9.50

CED1438 Tranquil Poppy Finishing Touches Die $9.50

CED1439 Wild Rose Finishing Touches Die $9.50

UMS649 Dragonfly Mini Striplet Stamp $7.25

UMS650 Dandelion Mini Striplet Stamp $7.25

UMS651 Rosebud Mini Striplet Stamp $7.25

UMS652 Regal Blossom Outer Frame Stamp $7.25

UMS653 Regal blossom Inner Frame Stamp $7.25

UMS654 Lotus Outer Frame Stamp $7.25

UMS655 Lotus Inner Frame Stamp $7.25

UMS656 Peony Bouquet Stamp $7.25

UMS657 Sunflower Bouquet Stamp $7.25

UMS658 Tulip Bouquet Stamp $7.25

UMS659 Apple Blossom Spray Stamp $7.25