Monday, February 27, 2017

Newest Items from Heartfelt Creations to pre order

Hello everyone.  Here is the newest release to preorder from Heartfelt Creations.    I am placing my order on March 4th.  So for those of you who want the card kit or the I want it all collection-you need to get your orders to me before March 4th.
I have also included Emma Lou's video.  Remember you cannot see videos on your email-you have to visit my blog. 
Email all orders to Darlene at

If you want the I Want It All Collection it consists of the paper pad, one of each of the stamp sets (4 total) and one of each of the die sets (3 total)~ The cost is $140.00

HCDP1-276 Monkeying Around Paper Pad  $20.00

Sampling of the papers:

HCD1-7132 Palm Tree and Monkey Dies  $24.00
(works with HCPC-3777 Palm Tree and Monkeys Stamp Set)

HCD1-7133 Monkeying Around Die Set  $24.00
(works withHCPC-3778 Monkeying Around Stamp Set)

HCD1-7134  Monkey Antics Die Set  $24.00
(Works with HCPC-3779 Monkey Antics Stamp Set) 

HCPC-3777 Palm Tree and Monkeys Stamp Set  $16.25

HCPC-3778 Monkeying Around Stamp Set  $16.25

HCPC-3779 Monkey Antics Stamp Set  $16.25

HCPC-3780 Relaxin' Monkeys Stamp Set  $16.25

HCCK1-382 Monkeying Around Card kit  $20.00
(this is not included in the I want it all collection)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tattered Lace Fast Paced Pre Order-Need preorders by this Friday AM

Oh my goodness.  I do not know what is going on with Tattered Lace except that they are putting items up for sale and the items are gone in a day or two!  Sheesh.   So I am going to do a really fast preorder in hopes that I can get some of these before they run out.  Email all pre orders to me by 12 noon (EST) on February 24th.  I will try my best to get you these items...
Email all preorders to Darlene at

TLD0028  Jacqueline Die  $21.25
This die measures approx 4.2cm x 12.4cm.

TLD0031  Deco Couple Dies  $26.50
These dies measure approx:
Man: 3.5cm x 13.1cm
Lady: 4.5cm x 13.3cm

TLD0032  Streamliner Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 10.2cm x 4.7cm.

TLD0074  Deco Gatefold Card Die Set  $53.00
These dies measure approx:
Base: 26.3cm x 20.9cm
Top Panel: 5.6cm x 14.1cm
Top Mat: 6.9cm x 16.7cm
Left/Right Panels: 4.5cm x 11.3cm
Left/Right Mats: 5.4cm x 13.4cm
Centre Left/Right Panels: 3.5cm x 13.4cm
Centre Left/Right Mats: 4.4cm x 14.4cm
Star 1: 1.8cm x 1.8cm
Star 1 Mat: 2.6cm x 2.5cm
Star 2: 2.2cm x 2.1cm
Star 2 Mat: 3cm x 2.9cm
Flourish: 1.7cm x 2.1cm
Flourish Mat: 2.6cm x 2.8cm
Please order this one now if you want it.  I feel this one will sell out fast...

TLD0086  Card Front Sweetheart Dies  $21.25
These dies measure approx:
Flower: 5.8cm x 7.3cm
Inner Frame: 8.2cm x 11.2cm
Outer Frame: 9.7cm x 15cm

TLD0087  Cheers Die  $16.00
This die measures approx 6.9cm x 12.2cm.

TLD0088  Deco Embellishments Die Set  $10.75
These dies measure approx:
Embellishment 1: 1.7cm x 8.4cm
Embellishment 2: 4.2cm x 4.4cm
Embellishment 3: 4.2cm x 4.5cm
I love this one!

TLD0089  Cabaret Girl Jenny Die  $21.25
This die measures approx 10.6cm x 12.9cm.

TLD0090  Cabaret Girl Rosie  Die  $21.25
This die measures approx 6.5cm x 11.4cm.

TLD0101  Desert Rose Doily Die  $31.75
This die measures approx 13.1cm x 14.3cm.

TLD0112  Love is in the Air Bees / Hummingbird Dies  $42.50
Tattered Lace Love is in the Air Huggables Hummingbird die offers a beautiful over-the-edge design. One is a vertical floral design with incorporated bees, beautiful flowers, scattered summer berries and a pin-dot pattern. The other features the same style flowers and two stunning hummingbirds, again with an incorporated pin-dot design.
These dies measure approx:
Bees: 7.6cm x 21cm
Hummingbird: 6.9cm x 21cm

 TLD0113 Love is in the Air Butterfly / Floral $42.50
Tattered Lace Love is in the Air Huggables Hummingbird die offers a beautiful over-the-edge design. One is a vertical floral design with incorporated bees, beautiful flowers, scattered summer berries and a pin-dot pattern.
These dies measure approx:
Bees: 7.6cm x 21cm
Hummingbird: 6.9cm x 21cm

MED0112  Art Deco Cabaret Backing Paper Pad  $10.50
This fantastic Tattered Lace Art Deco Cabaret Paper Pad includes 32 sheets of backing papers in four outstanding designs! Each design boasts an abstract geometric print which you can enhance further with embellishments and other pieces to finish off your creations.
Contains 32 A5 sheets of backing paper (4 designs x 8 of each)

MGD0039 The Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue 39  $13.75
           It’s Number 39, wow! So welcome to the 39th Tattered Lace Magazine. In this issue you will see the word "Flectere" a bit. So what is Flectere? It is the Latin word meaning "to bend" or "to curve", think flexible! That is exactly the concept of Flectere dies, they bend, they curve and are very flexible and they make the most beautiful, unusual and extremely clever cards. This fabulous concept was launched at the Craft and Hobby Association show at Phoenix, Arizona 2017 and we really wanted to show you some of the fabulous projects that were headlining there so you could have a go and make it your own. So you can choose from a bit of Romance and of course Butterflies. There are New Babies and the Majestic Bouquet, just divine.
Of course we have a simply delightful FREE gift and it is Esme and Button. A lovely Edwardian lady with her little puppy, very cute indeed. Six gorgeous projects as sweet he/she is, Button isn’t in all the projects making it much more versatile! We also feature the Diamond Top Card die, which lets you make diamond top cards without all the mess and slip ups! The Huggables set of dies are so pretty and the projects really do show how adaptable the dies can be. Finally we have Jacqueline, oozing glamour and style – fabulous darling! 

MGD9605  Parchment Lace Magazine - Issue 5  $13.75
Welcome to Issue 5 of the Parchment Lace magazine! We are very excited to share this magazine with you as we have all been working hard giving this magazine a revamp! We hope you love it as much as we do! But that is not the only treat for you we have in this issue.
We have 26 pages of step by step projects to help you create the perfect parchment cards and projects. Our FREE grid with this issue is a stunning Flourishes, Greetings and Grid Work which can be used on so many projects. This beautiful grid includes all the elements you need to create backgrounds, embellishments and greetings. If that wasn't amazing enough, this issue we have three stunning projects to give you inspiration and ideas on how to use your free gift!
Not only that, we have also got two projects using existing grids to help you use your existing grids in so many different ways! It doesn't stop there, we also have three projects using the stunning FREE papers in this issue!
Of course, our wonderful design team have come up with some stunning parchment projects for you this issue. Our guest designer this issue is the talented Lesley Shore from the Isle of Wight! She started parchment craft in 2008 from simply buying a beginner’s kit and her card is simply stunning!

MGD9606  Parchment Lace Magazine - Issue 6  $13.75
Welcome to issue 6 of Parchment Lace Magazine. We are sure you will be as delighted as we are with the wonderful, varied designs and ideas from the Design Team for using the complimentary backing papers, parchment and grid found in this issue.
Again this issue is packed with inspirational designs for you to try using some of the previous grids both complimentary and the ever growing A5 grids which are available. There is something included within this issue whether you are a beginner or an avid parcher.
We have Back to Basics with Heather Attwater, in this issue Heather will be guiding you through some basic embossing techniques. There is also Ask the Expert with Hilary Bucci-Pepper who will be sharing her knowledge and answering all your parchment questions.
Happy Parching...

Now for the Samples: